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Sort:, Built with Sencha Touch by Olivier Gaudel

YouBike is a brand new mobile website which lists bike tours in the province of Luxembourg in Belgium. It also allows organizers to publish their…

Smart Fitness Builder, Built with Sencha Touch Smart Fitness Builder by Steman Bulgaria Ltd.

Smart Fitness Builder (SFB) is developed to serve coaches and athletes who want to create their own unique training in a visual way. Our idea…

Youth Fitness, Built with Sencha Touch Youth Fitness by Steman Bulgaria Ltd.

Youth Fitness is developed with the idea to provide structured methods for working with kids and youth athletes. Every method is upgrade for the method…

Christie’s, Built with Sencha Touch Christie’s by Innovations

When you are on the run, Christie's iPhone application allows you to browse and register to Bid in upcoming Sales, submit absentee bids, review auction…

Whindo Mobile Site, Built with Sencha Touch Whindo Mobile Site by Whindo

Whindo Mobile is a brand new mobile app for our company website.

SpotLib 4 Spotify, Built with Sencha Touch SpotLib 4 Spotify by Ladysign

With SpotLib you can easily import all your favorite music from and play it with Spotify.

maPaye, Built with Sencha Touch maPaye by O2Web

maPaye is a small tool which can be used to keep track of your labored hours. It was developed according to the Quebec province working…

Sudoku Addicted, Built with Sencha Touch Sudoku Addicted by Sebastian Egbers

Sudoku is a logic-based, combinatorial number-placement puzzle. With this app, you can play an unlimited number of Sudokus. Play a Sudoku whereever you are!

Nanocrowd, Built with Sencha Touch Nanocrowd by Nanocrowd

Nanocrowd develops technology that understands why people like things. Our first use of this technology is helping people find movies they’ll enjoy. By knowing why…

VEU Feldkirch, Built with Sencha Touch VEU Feldkirch by Fusonic

The official app of the VEU Feldkirch, an icehockey team out of Austria. With this app you're on the go always up to date:

eCart - Shopping List, Built with Sencha Touch eCart - Shopping List by YourEasyApps

Your visual shopping lists in the cloud! Anywhere, anytime. This app lets you create visual shopping list with beautiful images., Built with Sencha Touch by SmallRivers

The app is a handy tool to read newspapers that you've created or to enjoy one of the 350,000 other topic based newspapers on…, Built with Sencha Touch by pixelhouse GmbH

The app allows free access to 200,000 full recipes from users. This app is available in German.

Dateventure, Built with Sencha Touch Dateventure by Not Realistic But Real, LLC

Do you have what it takes to get the girl every guy wants? Dateventure teaches you through experience -- the challenge of saying and doing…

Vmtouch, Built with Sencha Touch Vmtouch by MobileMeWS

Vmtouch is a mobile web application, helps you to manage Joomla + Virtuemart webshop. It works on iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry touch devices., Built with Sencha Touch by Team VHX

VHX is the way you're supposed to watch and share videos with friends. VHX helps you discover amazing videos. Easily share and watch videos with…

Superfast Cornwall, Built with Sencha Touch Superfast Cornwall by Superfast Cornwall

Superfast Cornwall is a pioneering programme to bring superfast broadband to Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, making it one of the best connected places…

Danner Mobile, Built with Sencha Touch Danner Mobile by Danner

Danner has been crafting premium quality footwear since 1932. Now you can shop, read customer reviews, and find nearby stores with Danner's mobile website.

Girmit, Built with Sencha Touch Girmit by Girmit

Video Girmit, a colossal conclave for Kannada music videos. We at Video Girmit are dedicated in providing the audience with the best Kannada video essentially…

UrbanDictionary, Built with Sencha Touch UrbanDictionary by Bearded Pony

Urban Dictionary is a Web-based dictionary of slang words and phrases, which contained over 6 million definitions as of October 2011. Submissions are regulated by…

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