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Berlin Vegan Guide by Berlin Vegan Guide

With the "Berlin Vegan Guide", you've got quick access to an overview of the vegan food and shopping possibilities in Berlin (Germany), even while you're out and about. We've arranged all the information and divided it up into frequently used categories. After you've selected a category (e.g. restaurants), the results will be sorted automatically and shown in order of distance from your current location. With the help of the number of stars, you can also see how vegan-friendly a place is.

What’s more, the Guide takes opening hours into consideration (very practical when you need fresh bread rolls on a Sunday morning!) and also allows you to activate your own filters, such as “wheelchair friendly”, “dogs allowed” or “organic”.

The guide is not just suitable for vegetarians and vegans but also for all people who are trying to live their life in a greener and more animal friendly way.

The app contains the following information:

  • over 90 restaurants, snack bars and takeaways with detailed descriptions
  • 230 bakeries with a complete description of what’s on offer
  • a further 100 shopping possibilities in the area of cosmetics, groceries and organic produce
  • more than 100 caf├ęs with soya milk available
  • a “vegan passport” with a detailed description for the staff at restaurants and hotels, the text for which has been kindly put together for us by the Vegan Society
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