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Want to learn more about Sencha Touch? Check out some of our demo apps to see all that Sencha Touch can offer your mobile web experience today.

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Sencha Video, Built with Sencha Touch Sencha Video by Sencha Inc.

Sencha Video is a demo app that allows you to browse and watch Youtube and Vimeo videos right from your tablet. It was built in-house…

Sencha Radio, Built with Sencha Touch Sencha Radio by Sencha Inc.

Sencha Radio allows you to listen to music from the Jamendo Free music service. It's a demo app built in-house by our Sencha Professional Services…

Discover Music, Built with Sencha Touch Discover Music by Modus Create

The perfect app for casual browsing, reading, and listening of content provided by the open NPR Music API.

O’Reilly Conferences App, Built with Sencha Touch O’Reilly Conferences App by Sencha Inc.

Developed in coordination with O’Reilly Conferences, this app features a dynamic schedule, speaker information, related tweets, Google map, a list of YouTube videos, and more…

Touch Tweets, Built with Sencha Touch Touch Tweets by Sencha Inc.

Touch Tweets is a keyword search utility application for Twitter. This example app shows off a terrific MVC architecture, profiles for supplying different views for…

GeoCongress, Built with Sencha Touch GeoCongress by Sencha Inc.

Use the power of Geolocation to find your district’s representatives. Stay in touch with your government with access to local representatives’ voting history, contact information,…

TouchStyle, Built with Sencha Touch TouchStyle by Sencha Inc.

Our TouchStyle example app is where fashion happens at your fingertips. Check out the Ajax-powered infinite carousel for endless browsing fun.

KivaTouch, Built with Sencha Touch KivaTouch by Sencha Inc. connects people through lending to help alleviate poverty. KivaTouch is a fantastic new way to browse and facilitate micro-loans from a great non-profit on…

Jog with Friends, Built with Sencha Touch Jog with Friends by Sencha Inc.

Jog with Friends is a demo app showing off Facebook integration in Sencha Touch 2.

Sencha Touch Kitchen Sink, Built with Sencha Touch Sencha Touch Kitchen Sink by Sencha Inc.

The Kitchen Sink app showcases all of the UI widgets, data features, animations, themes, and touch events offered by Sencha Touch. The app also features…

SenchaCon 2011, Built with Sencha Touch SenchaCon 2011 by Sencha Inc.

We hooked up with the smart guys at Modus Create and asked them to create an application that would help out at SenchaCon 2011, in…

Combo Charts, Built with Sencha Touch Combo Charts by Sencha Inc.

Combo Charts, built with Sencha Touch Charts, is an application to showcase the different charting abilities of the framework. Shuffle the datasets to return random…

World Data, Built with Sencha Touch World Data by Sencha Inc.

World Data, built with Sencha Touch Charts, is an application to visualize country-specific data from around the world. This app sports a customized theme, and…

Energy App, Built with Sencha Touch Energy App by Sencha Inc.

The Energy App, built with Sencha Touch Charts, is an application to visualize US energy data. This app sports a customized theme, and shows off…

MediaCore Mobile, Built with Sencha Touch MediaCore Mobile by MediaCore

MediaCore uses HTML5 and Sencha to deliver our mobile web application experience. Simply signup for a MediaCore account, publish a video, and MediaCore automatically encodes…

The Conference App, Built with Sencha Touch The Conference App by Top Quark

Manage speaker and schedule information for your event. This WordPress plugin lets you track information about your multi-day, multi-faceted, multi-talented event, be it a conference…

Sencha Touch works on the most popular mobile devices representing more than 90% of the smartphone market, including BlackBerry OS 6, Android, and Apple iOS.

Built with Sencha Touch.

Sencha Touch is the leading HTML5 mobile framework. It allows you to develop mobile web apps that look and feel native on Apple iPhone, Google Android, and BlackBerry touch devices.

Sencha Touch is completely free to use, though we do have professional support and training available for you and your team.

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