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adresite, Built with Sencha Touch adresite by Serdar Gökkus

This application finds all Turkish doctors (eventually all job groups) around the user and displays contact information, navigation data, images, and articles by the selected…

MapMyMeds, Built with Sencha Touch MapMyMeds by MapMyMeds

MapMyMeds app utilizes a combination of real time data flowed from their website ( and GPS smartphone technology to assist Colorado mmj patients.

Blue Cross Blue Shield, Built with Sencha Touch Blue Cross Blue Shield by Modus Create

A tablet optimized website for BlueCross/Blue Shield.

Trueskin, Built with Sencha Touch Trueskin by Webcrumbz

Trueskin is a highly specialised chain of skincare and laser clinics offering solutions for all skin conditions and skin types. The mobile web app we've…

Get Pregnant, Built with Sencha Touch Get Pregnant by W3masters

If you're trying to conceive it can sometimes take a while before you are pregnant. To increase the chance of becoming pregnant you can try…

icd9 Search FY 2011, Built with Sencha Touch icd9 Search FY 2011 by Joshua McDonald

This application contains the latest ICD9 codes, updated for Fiscal year 2011. The application contains a list of new codes, as well as all of…

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