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Social Networking

Let your friends know what you're up to, or check out what's happening around you with these Sencha Touch apps.

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Cactus Festival 2010, Built with Sencha Touch Cactus Festival 2010 by Bits of Love

An event guide for the Cactus Festival 2010.

WiPad, Built with Sencha Touch WiPad by Sandro Paganotti

WiPad is a plugin created to display a special theme designed for iPad clients; it aims to create the most pleasant experience possible of WordPress…

RollCall, Built with Sencha Touch RollCall by Chuck Lam

Coordinate meet-ups and events with your friends quickly and easily through your mobile phone! RollCall is the social planning tool that makes getting together with…

ViewBeat, Built with Sencha Touch ViewBeat by Burc Sade

Introducing Viewbeat, the fast and simple way to ask questions and get answers from your friends and other people, with rankings!

Vimeo Awards Guide, Built with Sencha Touch Vimeo Awards Guide by Joseph Schmitt

Helpful conference guide for Vimeo's Awards event in New York City, a two-day festival and awards show in October 2010 where they celebrated the best…

Instant Playdates, Built with Sencha Touch Instant Playdates by Mike Padilla

Instant Playdates is the perfect app for busy parents who want to schedule playdates for their children. Between school, nap times, and unexpected conflicts, coordinating…

TubeTweet, Built with Sencha Touch TubeTweet by Chris Sharp

TubeTweet on your iPhone gives you live tube service updates from fellow commuters alongside official Transport For London tweets. Think of it as crowd-sourced tube…

The Conference App, Built with Sencha Touch The Conference App by Top Quark

Manage speaker and schedule information for your event. This WordPress plugin lets you track information about your multi-day, multi-faceted, multi-talented event, be it a conference…

ISO|Connect, Built with Sencha Touch ISO|Connect by Nick Cooley

ISO|connect helps conference attendees connect and interact with experts and like-minded colleagues. By capturing and aggregating conversation threads on Twitter, ISO|connect helps attendees follow and…

World Science Fiction Convention App, Built with Sencha Touch World Science Fiction Convention App by David O’Neill

The World Science Fiction Convention is the annual convention for science fiction and fantasy fans from all over the world. Worldcon 2011 was in Reno,…

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