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Music Theory 101 by Music Theory 101

Music Theory 101 aims to provide a simple method of understanding the concepts of music theory.

MT101 minimizes the use of terminology and presents the relationships of musical notation in a uniform color scheme. I found early in my studies that the infinite list of musical terms to be a distraction from the actual understanding and application of music theory. I am confident that if you internalize the diagrams presented in this app your comprehension of music will grow exponentially faster than being bogged down by vocabulary words. You will immediately begin to comprehend relationships that may have eluded you in your studies. If you apply this method to other texts i’m sure this will become obvious.

I continuously update this app to provide the most accurate and simplest explanation I can.
I am confident that if you take the time to internalize the simple method presented in this app you will find the insight it provides useful for the rest of your life.

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