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OptionCalc by OptionCalc

OptionCalc brings a powerful Max Pain & Current Pain calculator for weekly and monthly options directly to your iPhone or iPad. OptionCalc gives you additional and in-depth information (Voume, OI, Historical) on stock price movements and may indicate stock price movements towards the option pain strike price in the week leading up to the monthly or weekly option expiration date as stated in the Max Pain Theory.

Whether you are an option or stock trader, OptionCalc offers unique features that will help you decrease your risk and make you a more successful day trader.


  • Max/Current pain calculation for current and future expiration dates (near time during trading hours)
  • Interactive and touch enabled charts optimized for iPhone and iPad
  • Max Pain Put/Call, Volume and Historical Chart
  • “Hot Symbols” show the best max pain matches
  • Detailed grid for further analysis (fields vary between iPhone and iPad)
  • Historical chart for expiration month (Calculated max/current pain price vs. last price updated daily)
  • Symbols in database: DOW, SP500, NASDAQ and user requested
  • Statistics for Option Pain/Max Pain “Option Pinning”
  • Huge active user base

Also available on Apple App Store for free as OptionCalc Lite

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