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PhotoRoute London by PhotoRoute London

PhotoRoute London is the first ever, digital mapping system that allows users to download completely walker-friendly maps onto their phones. The routes use sat nav and geo located images together with photos, arrows and written directions to pin-point their location and guide users through walking routes to London’s gems.

Routes are designed to be step-free and easy-to-follow and are ideally suited for users with physical and learning difficulties as well as those speaking English as a second language. The photo-based maps also tell users estimated walking times and distances and location services pin-point their position on the maps and show which way they are moving.

PhotoRoutes start and end at main transport nodes such as Underground or Overground stations, and some are designed to be circular, enabling you to dip in and out of routes and passing several stations along the way. The cohesive mapping and guiding system takes users seamlessly from start to finish, enabling users to enjoy the surroundings rather than be frustrated navigating quirky London streets.

Once users download the app they have offline access to over 100 London maps, from tours of parks and museums to wayfinding between transport stations and London attractions. Offline access allows users to follow routes on the go and have access to the entire database without the high data roaming charges.

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