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Check out the SenchaCon 2013 Keynote Video!

July 25, 2013 | Paul Kopacki

Here’s the video of the SenchaCon kickoff — our keynote presentation to a standing-room only audience in Orlando last week! We had some great guest speakers and gave a preview of Sencha Architect 3.0, Sencha Ext JS for touch devices and grid gadgets, Sencha Touch grids, and much more. Plus, we introduced and demoed the all-new Sencha Space.

The video is approximately one hour and forty-five minutes, so here are a few handy milestones and timestamps to make it easier to watch in chunks:

  • 0:00:00: It starts off with an intro by me.
  • 0:08:00: I hand off to Stephen O’Grady, Principal Analyst from Red Monk. He does a great talk on technology trends and the role of the developer.
  • 0:31:30: Michael Mullany takes the stage to talk about the new world of app dev, and to provide a community update, including a great cameo by Christian Santiago from Genentech, and a segment by Alec Saunders of BlackBerry.
  • 0:52:00: We start the product section with Architect and Aaron Conran.
  • 1:01:00: We shift to Frameworks and hear from Marlin Clark of Smile Brands.
  • 1:05:30: We transition to Ext JS, and welcome Don Griffin to the stage at 1:10:00.
  • 1:16:00: Jamie Avins is up next to talk to Michael about Touch.
  • 1:21:30: The Frameworks segment up with Aaron Satlow from Morgan Stanley.
  • 1:26:00: Michael welcomes Abe Elias to the stage to talk about Sencha Space.
  • 1:30:00: The Space demo starts soon after Jacky Nguyen joins Abe on stage.


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Peter Kellner

2 years ago

SenchaCon was really great this year.  I want to give a special thank you to all the Sencha employees who hung out in the Sencha area of the play room.  It felt very welcoming from an attendees point of view and it showed the cohesiveness of the Sencha team which I love to see.

Mark Shen

2 years ago

where I can see all the videos on senchaCon 2013? Please post a url here. Thanks


2 years ago

All session recordings only can see with registration id, do you have a way for public to access all the recordings? Thanks

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