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Ext Designer 1.2 is Now Available

August 16, 2011 | Luca Candela

We are incredibly excited to announce the general availability of Ext Designer 1.2 with Ext JS 4 support. Ext Designer 1.2 is the culmination of many months of work and we believe it’s the most powerful release of Designer so far.

Before we dive into the details of this release, we would like to thank some of our community members who helped test the beta builds of Ext Designer. They are: Arunosaur, berntkau, bwmatthews, Cybjorg, dorgan, ewl2, Francois Lecroart, gdewey, hschaefer123, icvg, mfearby, MeDavid, mihaip007, ofueckert, ryland, samoas, welshcathy and last but not least wemerson.januario. A big thank you for helping us find and fix bugs, we really appreciate your help. (By the way, if you’re interested in helping us full-time, please check our careers page.)

What’s new for this release:

Support for Ext JS 4

Ext JS 3 and 4 SupportWe know you’ve anxiously awaited support for Ext JS 4, and Ext Designer 1.2 delivers. We’re excited to provide our community with a powerful workspace to visually create your Ext JS interfaces.

Please note that while you can load your old Ext JS 3.x projects in Designer 1.2, it’s not possible to automatically update the code to Ext JS 4. Due to the differences between Ext JS 3 and Ext JS 4, an automatic code update would require more manual intervention than to simply re-create the project in the new framework.

Check out a complete list of new features that came with the support of Ext JS 4, released in the previous beta.

Improved Documentation

Sencha Documentation Previous versions of Ext Designer shipped with individual manuals that described working with Layouts, Components, Stores, etc. Not only was there a lot of repetition in the docs, finding information wasn’t very easy. In Ext Designer 1.2, we have a single, easy-to-use, and beautifully crafted manual that you can read on screen or print for your convenience. The table of contents and indexes are improved to help you find the information you need quickly. Find these in our brand new Learn section.

While documentation is never done, this is a huge leap forward in the quality of documentation that accompanies Ext Designer and we hope that you find it useful.

Discounted Price and New 30-Day Trial

Sale With the GA release of Ext Designer 1.2, we’re offering a special discounted price of $219 for a single developer license — an $80 savings through September 30, 2011. When you’re ready to purchase our Designer license, visit our online store. We’re also please to announce that we’ve extended the Ext Designer trial from 15 days to 30 days.

And, for our existing Ext Designer users in trial mode, we reset all trial periods. Go ahead and test Designer once again! You simply need to log in with your Sencha username and password, the trial reset will happen automatically.

Download Designer

Designer 1.2 is the biggest and best Designer release to date, but we’re not standing still. While you’re busy exploring all the new features of Ext JS 4, we’re already at work to bring you Designer 2.0 which will enable support for Sencha Touch among other features to make Designer an even better design and development tool.

Go ahead and download Ext Designer 1.2 now and join us in the forums. We love hearing your feedback!

For a full list of updates and bug fixes, please refer to the changelog.

There are 14 responses. Add yours.


4 years ago

Thanks Sencha Team. I appreciate so much your thanks! You are the best! Success for all, I believe in sencha CIA!


4 years ago

Can’t wait for the 2.0 with Sencha Touch supported smile


4 years ago

I’m impressed with how powerful this tool is. The Ext 4 export is organized very nicely.  One request, please make charts easier to configure.


4 years ago

But still the problem of “A communication error has occurred” jjj


4 years ago

Support for custom extensions?

Jim K

4 years ago

Please add missing config options for Forms, Grid, and other controls.


4 years ago

Ext Designer is so awesome! Good work guys!!


4 years ago

Does the single developer license for the older/original 1.x versions still apply to 1.2, or do I have to re-purchase all over again?

Luca Candela

4 years ago

@Steve6000 Designer 1.2 is a point update and as such is free for current 1.x customers.

@Sebastian Could you please post this with a bit more info about your configuration in the forums? We’re trying to fix that once and for all for our next update, there’s so many different cases and configurations that it’s hard to nail them all down, the more feedback about that, the better.

thiet ke website

4 years ago

This JS framework is so cool, thank your advance!


4 years ago

I will try to use it, thank you


4 years ago

@Luca Candela

have u solved the Sebastian’s problem (”“A communication error has occurred”), cause i’ve got the same message, on my several attempt.


Luca Candela

4 years ago


I can’t see Sebastian’s post to the bug forums but we’re working on improving our authorization system regardless. As always, please use the bug forums to let us know about your issues, we can do very little without information about bugs and how to reproduce them, and your exact configuration.


4 years ago

Can I create sencha touch applications using EXT Designer?

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