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Introducing Sencha Complete: Team

September 11, 2012 | Aditya Bansod

Today we’re excited to announce the availability of our newest bundle, Sencha Complete: Team. Over the last couple of years, we’ve been working hand in hand with our customers as they use Sencha products to make more complex and mission critical applications on both desktop and mobile. We have seen larger and larger groups of developers working on larger and larger applications across various geographies.

We designed the new features and functionality of Sencha Complete: Team with these trends in mind. We wanted to make it easier and faster for enterprise development teams to build apps using Sencha products.

Sencha Complete: Team expands on Sencha Complete by adding several awesome new features. Let’s run through what’s new:

What's New in Sencha Complete: Team

Sencha Eclipse Plugin

Sencha Eclipse Plugin gives you full autocomplete for your Ext JS applications in Eclipse. You read that right. Full autocomplete for Ext JS applications in Eclipse. Not just for JavaScript, but all of Ext JS built-in types, autogenerated getters and setters, mixins, class system, and more. If you extend a class, your subclasses also get autocomplete. The Sencha Eclipse Plugin supports the entire Sencha app architecture, so the MVC pattern and the app.js patterns are supported directly and you’re prompted with suggestions as you type.

The Sencha Eclipse Plugin's foundation is the VJET project from eBay Open Source which gave us the generic JavaScript features like syntax checking, core JavaScript type knowledge and more. We want to thank the VJET project for creating an awesome code base that we could start from. The Sencha Eclipse Plugin supports both Ext JS 4.0.7 and 4.1 so you can swap out the type libraries in the Sencha Eclipse Plugin and instantly know if you’ll face upgrade issues when upgrading your project's Ext JS version. The Sencha Eclipse Plugin makes working with Ext JS a delight. You can see a demo of the Sencha Eclipse Plugin in the embedded video.

Sencha Desktop Packager

Sencha Desktop Packager, (formerly known under the codename of "Chrion"), gives you a full runtime environment to execute your web apps outside the constraints of the browser. Built on Chromium with a plethora of additional APIs (like file system, menu, system info, and more), the Desktop Packager lets you package up a web app into a native Windows or Mac executable. If you’re at an enterprise that only uses IE6 or IE7, but you want to take full advantage of Chromium’s performance or the latest HTML5 features, use the Desktop Packager to wrap and deploy your application as a native Windows and Mac app.

Data Connectors

In Sencha Complete: Team, we’re introducing a new set of Data Connectors to Ext JS' data package that streamline access to AMF and SOAP data sources. If you’re building on top of a Blaze DS or LiveCycle Data Services, you’re familiar with Adobe’s Action Message Format (AMF). With the new AMF Data Connector in Team, you can directly connect to these AMF powered backends and speak the AMF binary protocol to them without the need for additional middleware. And if your infrastructure is built on SOA and SOAP, then the new SOAP Data Connector lets you call the appropriate methods from a SOAP endpoint. Since both the AMF and SOAP Data Connectors are part of Ext JS' data package, all the results flow in to components that use the data package, like Charts or the GridView.

Updated Software License

In Sencha Complete: Team, we’ve also updated the software license to include standardized limited indemnity. This has been a very common request from enterprise teams, and we're pleased to be able to include it as part of a standard license.

Updates to Sencha Complete

We’re also upgrading Sencha Complete to include the Sencha Eclipse Plugin and as expected Sencha Complete and Sencha Complete: Team, will offer Ext JS, Sencha Touch (including Sencha Charts), Sencha Architect, and Premium Support for all the included products.

Existing Sencha Complete Customers

If you bought Sencha Complete or renewed Sencha Complete Support subscription on or after September 1st, you’ll get an email with a link to download the Sencha Eclipse Plugin within the next 5-10 business days, or you can visit the support portal and download the entire Sencha Complete bundle.

Learn More

If you’re interested in learning more or buying Sencha Complete or the new Sencha Complete: Team, visit our new Sencha Complete product page or visit the store.

There are 31 responses. Add yours.


3 years ago

Interested in the Desktop Packager… is that available separately perhaps?


3 years ago

Mind blown.


3 years ago

You guys are amazing!!

Jörg Zwirner

3 years ago

Desktop Packager sounds very nice. Do you have additional documentation available and Is there any chance to test it?



3 years ago

So one has to pay around 2K just to able to package a Desktop App ?
You guyz are aware that Titanium Desktop and Adobe AIR are free of charge right ?


3 years ago

We would also be interested in buying desktop packager separately. Are you planning to release it as single product?


3 years ago

Do we really have to buy 10 seats a 2195$ (= 21950$) to get the desktop packager? => “Complete: Team” = “Minimum 10 seat purchase.”


3 years ago

Thanks for your work. Desktop package seems very usefull but why I need to buy Sencha Complete Team? I’m the only Sencha developper in our team and we don’t (and will not) use touch.


3 years ago


is there any way to get the Eclipse Plugin as stand-alone?

And another question, I would try to port this Plugin to Microsofts WebMatrix II IDE ( Can I get the Sourche Code of the Eclipse Plugin?

greetings Sunny


3 years ago

My company purchased a Sencha Complete 5 developer license about 13 months ago.  So, we’re set with ExtJS, Touch, and Architect.  Just recently we started up a project with a lot of mapping with image/SVG overlays and the users with IE7 are suffering.  Having bought Complete just a year ago for 5 people developing in Visual Studio - I can’t see us getting Team.

But, desktop packaging… that might be just the thing.  Adding my voice as one more party interested in a possible a la carte desktop packaging purchase.


3 years ago

The desktop package appears to be an excellent product.
It would be interesting to have the option to purchase separately

Hudson Kisitu

3 years ago

This is so kool guys thanks for the good work smile

Kazuhiro Kotsutsumi

3 years ago

I translated it into Japanese.

Provision: Japan Sencha User Group


3 years ago

“is there any way to get the Eclipse Plugin as stand-alone?”


Existing ExtJS license holder with no need for Complete but this plugin looks incredible.


3 years ago

Seriously!  Awesome features ... but then you screw the community.  “Starting at $2,195 per developer seat. Minimum 10 seat purchase.” === $21,950

Somebody there really needs to re-examine the entire business model before the Sencha ship sinks.


3 years ago

So, is the Desktop Packager a functional replacement for AIR? ie access to sound? video? Native Extensions, etc Is there a comparison chart somewhere I can review?

I have been developing in AIR, want to use Ext, so have to use Ext3. I love Ext4 and am hoping this might be a way to ditch AIR? However, at that price I probably wont, since I am the only developer!

Hmmmmmm….. Excitement and disappointment.



3 years ago

RE - The Eclipse plugin.
Do the same features apply to ExtJS customizations I create or is it just the ExtJS library?
i.e. does the plugin parse my extension Javascript classes and provide the same intellisense features?

To others that have commented you can get the Eclipse plugin with a Sencha Complete licence at $995 per developer seat.


3 years ago

I’m totally confused.  I purchased Sencha Architect and was waiting for the connectivity (AMF) and moving from Flex dev to something new.  Now this?  Complete Team?  I have to buy that to connect to my Java mid tier?  I don’t know where this product is going.  There are so many pieces, packages, parts etc.  It’s mind boggling.  And the documentation????  I’m not even going to comment.  Can you provide some kind of road map of your products.  That would help.  Then again, maybe I am expecting something more akin to what I had.  My bad.

Rick@ios development

3 years ago

Is it possible to add the Desktop Packager to the exisitng package?

Rick, Intellectsoft.


3 years ago

+1 for Sencha Eclipse Plugin. That’s all I need really. It should come with purchased licenses of ExtJs…

Boston Merlin

3 years ago

yea, desktop packager needs to be 1) a standalone purchase (like architect) and 2) part of complete.  think about it… what does the word “complete” mean!  You’re tools are good but like others in the post have said.. your message and offerings are all over the place.  Simplify and polish is needed.


3 years ago

I wonder if the Eclipse plugin would support Ctrl + Click on xtypes, or classnames, to go into the corresponding component JS class. Also agree with everyone that the Desktop Packager (artist formerly known as ION?) should be available separately

Peter Marko

3 years ago

Boston Merlin: +1

The One

3 years ago

Great job on the Eclipse plugin; I tested it out for myself and gave you guys thumbs up!

I hope you offer it standalone.


3 years ago

+1 for Eclipse Plugin standalone.
About the desktop packager I tried node-webkit and appjs and are both very promising and opensource.


3 years ago

@Carmine-  HiC, need info for a blog post, can you elaborate some on what AMF features are lacking in Architect that prevent you from connecting to Java mid tier?

Pierre B

2 years ago

I am a Flex guy wanting to move to Sencha.  Everything looks very good except I need the data connector for AMF.  I am a single developer company making a good living, but I can’t spend $21,950.  Is this right?

What got me was Ted Patrick’s Flex to Sencha webinar where he talks about AMF.  I was excited, but the $22k is killing that.

I emailed Sencha twice to confirm that this is the case but never got an answer back.  Does anyone know?

Thank you.

Jose Garcia

2 years ago

If someone are interested on desktop packager, you can try TiDe SDK, is a open source. I already try some test with extjs 4 and works fine.

David Wright

2 years ago

As a student/independent developer, I could obviously never swing $22k for a license.  I do some side consulting and might have been able to justify a single seat, but the 10 seat minimum is CRAZY.


2 years ago

In case you, guys, are pretending to not see standalone Eclipse plugin request, here’s another +1.
Eclipse - open source! VJet - open source!  ST VJet plugin proprietary? how’s that?!


2 years ago

Is it possible to buy Desktop Packager separately? Or perhaps less minimum seats?

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