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February 17, 2014 | Luke Kilpatrick

Sencha Video Chanel

Over the years we’ve been producing videos on building better HTML5 apps, JavaScript tips, and thought-provoking conversations from around the world. Most of these videos have been available on our Vimeo channel, but now we’ve created a channel on our own site to make them easier to find.

Check it out at

Here are some of our favorites…

Written by Luke Kilpatrick
Luke is Sencha's Developer Relations Manager. Prior to Sencha, Luke held various social media, developer and designer roles with VMware, Altus Systems, Kohler, Broadchoice, Tripp-lite and Astro-Physics.

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6 months ago

We made this announcement in Japanese here:

We’ve also subtitled some of the Sencha videos into Japanese here:

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