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Introducing the SenchaCon Mobile App

October 19, 2011 | James Pearce

SenchaCon 2011 web app, built with Sencha Touch
SenchaCon 2011 app has session details, favorites, and more. Thanks to ModusCreate for helping us build it!
Download the app to your smartphone or tablet today!

Yes, SenchaCon 2011 is finally upon us! The rooms are prepared, the laptops are warming up, and the barbecue is on. It’s time to look ahead to next week’s awesome event.

If you haven’t heard by now, where have you been? SenchaCon 2011, our annual user conference, is just days away, and it’s jam-packed with 7 tracks containing 58 sessions—and 52 amazing speakers—as well as the biggest Sencha hackathon ever, on Wednesday.

You’ll hear what’s hot and new with Sencha technologies from the development teams themselves, and from important partners in the industry, like AT&T, the Google Chrome team and BlackBerry. This year, we’ve also worked hard to involve as many of our developers as possible too: you’ll see we have a whole ‘Community Code‘ track where you’ll hear your peers talking through the technical details of more than 10 fantastic projects they have built.

And, of course, there is the party Monday night!

To make sure you get the most of this intense agenda, we’re excited to announce the launch of the SenchaCon 2011 Mobile App. We hooked up with the smart guys at Modus Create and asked them to create an application that would help out, and also showcase Sencha Touch 2 live at the conference.

You can find the app at or by snapping the above QR code.

When you start the app, it displays a tab for each day of the conference, containing a schedule of the sessions on throughout. Click to slide to details of each session and the speakers involved, and mark a session as a favorite so you can plan your program for the day.

Pull the top-bar menu out, and you can switch to a full list of speakers, details of our generous sponsors, and other information about the conference.

On the back-end, the application hooks up to our live conference database, so you can be sure the details are always up-to-date. And of course the application uses local storage and an app cache manifest so it will even work offline. (Not that we’re expecting any problems with the conference WiFi, but you never know…). And in fact Jay Garcia himself will be running a technical session on how he built the app at 2pm on Tuesday in the Grand Ballroom.

So, can you tell I’m excited? Grab the app now, and start planning… it’s going to be intense. We look forward to seeing you all there!

Written by James Pearce
James Pearce heads developer relations at Sencha. He is a technologist, writer, developer and practitioner, who has been working with the mobile web for over a decade. Previously he was the CTO at dotMobi and has a background in mobile startups, telecoms infrastructure and management consultancy. James is the creator of tinySrc, the WordPress Mobile Pack, WhitherApps, modernizr-server and confess.js, and has written books on mobile web development for both Wiley and Wrox.
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Mitchell Simoens

3 years ago

Very well done Modus! Happy to see people already making great stuf with Sencha Touch 2!

Jay Robinson Sencha Employee

3 years ago

Nice work, Jesus, James, and Dave!

Nick Cooley

3 years ago

Awesome stuff Jay and team!  Looking forward to playing with this in Austin.  See you there!

Jay Garcia

3 years ago

Thanks guys.  Working with David Kaneda and team has been an amazing experience for me!


3 years ago

It feels like the lists are more laggy (not smooth) then 1.1 ? I have tested on iPhone 4 and iPad 1 both with iOS 5.
Is it just me?

Nils Dehl

3 years ago

Well done! Nice conference App. Looking forward to see you all in Austin!

Jay Garcia

3 years ago


Please remember that it’s still Sencha Touch PR1. smile


3 years ago

@Jay sounds like everything is under control then grin Awesome app and I will be using it myself. See you all in Austin!


3 years ago

Love the menu feature. Any chance we can see the code?

Rokib Hassan

3 years ago

Sounds Coolllllll! I’d like to have one!

Mobile Application Development

3 years ago

I think eventually there’ll be no need for Community Code- basically developers will be able write app code only once (in the language of their choice) and then it will work on all platforms- I know MobileSoft technology already offers this.


3 years ago

Any chance of this code being published?

Jay Garcia

3 years ago

Hi Guys.  Thank you so much for the love!

We will be releasing the code base when ST2 becomes stable.  I want to clean up the utilities and remove some of the classes that I had to create because of ST2 PR1’s issues.

Thomas Alexander

3 years ago

Waiting for updated App smile.  Did you planned to update with changes,  before ST2 becomes stable?


3 years ago

Oh, this is amazing, I want to have one.

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