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SenchaCon 2011 Contest Winners

October 27, 2011 | James Pearce

Share Contest winners
Congrats to Getographer, WikPic, and Wrike—winners of our SenchaCon Share Contest!

Our SenchaCon 2011 Contest encouraged our community to build the best apps possible with Sencha technologies. And, as ever, the entries did not disappoint! We had hundreds of application submissions, and the standard was extremely high.

The contest encouraged the entrants to build apps with a number of characteristics. We were looking for the use of contemporary Sencha frameworks, cloud- & sync-based services, and apps which exhibited sharing and social functionality. And this week, at SenchaCon 2011 itself, in Austin, we announced the short list, the finalists, and the winner.

Getographer, Sencha Touch app icon We had great pleasure to announce that the winner of the contest was Getographer. This is a photo sharing application with a difference: as well as being able to take and share photographs, you are also able to make requests to have certain photographs taken for you in certain locations.

The judges loved this application partly because its user interface is elegant and easy to use, but belies a complex application underneath. The camera integration into this Sencha Touch app is seamless and effective, as was the use of system notifications. The app is themed elegantly and works equally well on both Android and iOS devices.

The application is already available for download from each of the two app stores, and of course we’ve also listed it on our new app gallery. And we’re thrilled that the team wins nothing less than a 2011 Nissan Leaf!

WikPic, Sencha Touch app icon Our second placed app, winning a MacBook Pro and $10,000, was WikPic, a tablet-based gallery viewer. Judges loved the simplicity of the controls and the social interaction—such as being able to comment on photos and pull up galleries created by members of your social networks. A great demonstration of how a web application can look and feel like a native one, and how social network integration can be easily integrated into a client-side web app.

Wrike, Ext JS application icon In third place, winning an iPad 2 and $2,500, was Wrike, an Ext-JS-based project-management application designed for enterprise collaboration. The application allows the creation of tasks, status updates and comments, and strongly encourages social interaction between employees. Judges particularly liked the app’s subtle and contemporary theme, as well as some excellent user interface components, such as its Gantt chart.

Special mention should also go to our seven other runners up, each of whom receive $1,500 in prize money. They are, in alphabetical order, Crave, Cube Drive, Latte Connect, Rapasso, Record Evolution, S-Circles, and YoBlurty. Well done to them all!

We had a lot of fun judging this contest, and as ever, are humbled by the quality of applications that our community creates. We hope that everyone who entered enjoyed rising to the challenge as much as we did putting it on. You can be sure there will be more contests in the future like this one!

In the meantime, please go and try out these applications—as well as those of the runners-up. Many congratulations to all involved.

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3 years ago

Thanks James for sharing. We have been looking for this(on the sencha Blog) as we could not come to the Conference.

Rgds, Nag

James Pearce Sencha Employee

3 years ago

@Nag - sorry you missed it! We were very happy with the entries!


3 years ago

Aww man seeing the quality of these apps am now regretting not participating. :(


3 years ago

HUGE disappointment. I had much higher expectations from this applications

Michael Mullany Sencha Employee

3 years ago

@cristian @john - if you think you can build better apps, by all means enter our next contest! We’d love to see you in our next top ten. I’m personally a huge fan of both wikpic and getographer for my personal use- I think they’re really awesome consumer apps.

Insurance Term

3 years ago

Wow love the Getographer! There is so much more that people can do with something like this in terms of user expansion. Congrats to the winners.


3 years ago

I belive the judges selected the winner not just on UI and functionality. I guess the also considered how the Sencha products are implemented.
Whether “Getographer” uses the “ Login” for Facebook login??
Like to hear more from the Winners on how they implemented the Sencha Products.


3 years ago

Aww, wish I had participated. Although I doubt if I could’ve been able to compete with the extreme high standards, lol.

Congratulations to all the winners. Getographer seems pretty awesome. Well done.

Thomas Alexander

3 years ago

Congrats for all winners,


3 years ago

Where can we find the source code of the winners?

Peter Fry

3 years ago

@Insurance Term @Jackson Thanks for checking out Getographer! We were so excited to take first place at SenchaCon
@SwamBala We will be doing a few blog posts about our use of Sencha tools with Getographer, stay tuned!
@Arjen We will not be sharing the source code for Getographer, but we will be releasing several utility libraries that we built as open source projects.


3 years ago

I will participate next time definitely. Congrats to all winners!


3 years ago

Congrats to the winners! I am so jealous hehe… next time I won’t miss that smile


3 years ago

I thought I’d have to read a book for a disvcoery like this!

Trevor Mills

3 years ago

Congrats to all of the winners.  I entered and was sad not to make the top ten, but heartened to see here the great apps that came out on top.

Görkem CAN

3 years ago

Cong.. from Turkey… Hope we may participate also from here next time… I am using 3Gs since few month and really awesome.. Take care…


3 years ago

Getographer is slick - love the concept of requesting someone shoot a picture for you. That could come in real handy for media outlets looking for complimentary materials, etc.

Love the innovation that came out of this contest!

Mobile App Developer

3 years ago

I’d like to see a contest on competing Android Apps.

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