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SenchaCon Day 1 Recap

November 16, 2010 | Donovan Erba

We had an exciting first day at our 2010 Sencha Conference (#SenchaCon). The day kicked off with a keynote from the Sencha team with some special announcements that I’ll recap in this post.

First, we recapped Sencha in 2010. Highlights of the last year we covered included an increase in forum community members from 80,000 at last year’s conference to over 180,000 this year. And a slew of product shipments including Ext Designer, Sencha Touch, and significant updates of both Ext JS and Ext GWT. Next up were some fantastic demos of what Marketo, Widgetbox and have built with Ext JS and Sencha Touch.

Then, we demo’d and announced the winners of the Sencha Touch contest. The judging panel selected 10 finalists from the more than 200 entries. The first prize winning app was DailyCrossword, developed by Cahit Gürgüc, second place went to Mike Hardaker for his TravelMate mobile web app, and the third prize went to Nick Poulden for his e-Resistible mobile web app. You can read more about the Sencha Touch contest and winners here.

We also outlined the Sencha roadmap for 2011 including plans for Ext JS 4, Ext GWT 3, Sencha Touch 1.1, and the official release of Sencha Animator.

Finally, we made a special product announcement: Sencha Touch 1.0 was officially released with improvements like HTML5 forms support, web-based pickers, a complete new MVC package, and Android optimization. And, we announced that Sencha Touch 1.0 is now available as a free commercial download, (in addition to the existing free GPL download). Read more about Sencha Touch 1.0 here.

After the keynote kickoff, the conference sessions officially began. There were three session tracks for the day; Sencha Foundations, Sencha Labs, and Sencha Ext GWT. Just one of the many highlights of the program included a preview of the new application architecture for Ext JS 4, and a packed session on server-side JavaScript.

The day concluded with a hackathon and lightning demos, sponsored by Google. There were some fantastic app prototypes created in about 1 1/2 hours of hacking. Lots of thanks go out to Dave Nielsen for being master of ceremonies for the hackathon.

That about recaps day 1 at Sencha Conference 2010. We’re looking forward to day two with keynote from AT&T CTO, John Donovan, and more product sessions.

(We are videotaping all the sessions, and once we get the video out of post-processing, we’ll be posting it for conference participants first, and soon afterward we’ll start releasing sessions for general viewing.)

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Michael Kaiser

4 years ago

Really looking forward to those videos! Some very interesting topic on the agenda!


4 years ago

Great, can’t wait to see more!


4 years ago

I’m a little worried when the pictures come out from the Welcome party. I had a few to many, I kept seeing flashes but the lady with the camera was pretty stealthy wink


4 years ago

I wanted to be in two places at once! Can’t wait for the vids.

Johan van de Merwe

4 years ago

Nice, can’t wait to see the videos of the Conference.


4 years ago

I was not able to attempt; therefore, I too can’t wait for the videos


4 years ago

Videos, videos!! I can’t wait smile

Monsieur D

4 years ago

“... new application architecture for Ext JS 4”—oooh yes ... at last !

taken from loutilities blog :

# Huge update is the Data package.This allows you to define a record with fields/data that you can describe your model.  Associations API will allow you connect objects on the client-side.  Proxy is responsible for loading/saving model data…this is now part of the package (think directly accessing REST/JSONP).  This greatly reduces the complexity.  You can store directly without a store to save into the cache directly off a model object. New Proxies: WebStorageProxy and WebSqlProxy allows you to save data offline.

# Addresses the issue of having all your JS in one file or multiple files back into one for production deployment.  ExtJS4 uses the MVC pattern to standardize the application architecture for better separation of concerns.  This will include a common file structure so it can built as 1 one file for rollout.  Unit tests are also going to be baked in. SenchaCommand are simple command line utilities to build out applications with generators (similar to Grails/Roo).

==> So much win !! ... If I could give you all a big wet smooch, I would .

Jay Garcia

4 years ago

The new changes for Ext JS 4 and Sencha Touch are absolutely going to change the way we develop apps.

Dave Danatzko

4 years ago

More good things coming from Sencha.  Keep up the great work guys!


4 years ago

Videos of the conference? What ever happened to the videos for the ExtJS conference last year?  I hope you follow through this time.


4 years ago

Does any one know where the decks are from the conference?

Ed Spencer

4 years ago

Videos will be posted as soon as we can process them (there are 50+ hours to work on). I think we’ll be releasing some of the highlights early before gradually uploading the rest over time. We’re giving attendees the first look.


4 years ago

That’s going to make things a lot eeaisr from here on out.

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