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Application Developers Give Boost to HTML5

February 24, 2014—A survey reported at InfoWorld finds that application developers are paying growing attention to HTML5, the updated version of the website design language that is optimized for mobile technologies. At the same time, developers are starting to back away from traditional PC-oriented platforms. Midsize Insider

HTML5 Mobile Framework Helps Make Enterprise Tools Available On-the-Go

February 24, 2014—Bringing enterprise collaboration tools to mobile devices has been a focus of Roy Sheinfeld's for years. As the co-founder and vice president of R&D at, one of his top priorities since restarting the company in 2008 and entering the mobile arena in 2011 was selecting a mobile development framework that could support multiple platforms. TechTarget/

How Mobile Cloud Services Will Consolidate After The Death of StackMob

February 17, 2014—StackMob is dead. PayPal bought it and wasted no time killing the product and integrating its team and tools into its own infrastructure. If you ask just about anybody that plays in the mobile backend-as-a-service industry, this comes as little surprise. ReadWrite

SD Times Blog: Developers are Adopting (and Sticking With) HTML5, Survey Says

February 13, 2014—A majority of Web application developers have adopted HTML5 and plan to continue using it for at least the next year. The latest results from Sencha’s State of HTML5 Development in the Enterprise survey show that the Worldwide Web Consortium recommendation is firmly entrenched in development shops around the world. SD Times

App Developers See More Enterprise Mobile Solutions, Signs of Life for BlackBerry at Apps World North America

February 07, 2014—We just finished up two days of another great event, as by all accounts Apps World North America 2104 was bigger and better than last year. Its just too big an event for us to cover every aspect of the presentations, exhibitors and other activities, so I thought I would present a few thoughts on the event itself and a few nuggets of interest (at least I thought they were interesting!). App Developer Magazine

HTML5 Catches Up To Apple

February 06, 2014—Matt Asay covers the results of Vision Mobile’s latest Developer Economics report and includes a brief mention of Sencha’s survey result on percent HTML5 users, now and in the future. ReadWrite

CNX Begins Beta for Valence 4.0

February 04, 2014—CNX is beginning beta tests for the next major release of Valence, its suite of products for building compelling new Web and mobile applications that run natively on the IBM i server. The company is eyeing mid-March for a GA launch of the new product. IT Jungle

Sencha Launches Tool for Managing HTML5 Apps on Smartphones & Tablets

February 04, 2014—IDG News Service - Sencha has introduced Space, aiming to make it easier for IT departments to manage HTML5 apps running on Android, iOS or BlackBerry devices. Computerworld

Mobilizing Enterprise Applications

February 03, 2014—Because mobility is starting to impact so many parts of the enterprise for some time now we have been considering how enterprises should be thinking with regards to mobile applications for their customers, employees and partners and have been formulating relevant investment theses. Enterprise Irregulars

Kinvey’s Sravish Sridhar: Man In The Middleware

February 03, 2014—On the surface, an app seems like a straightforward bit of software. It runs a game, or manages your digital notes, or performs any of the thousands of other tasks we routinely expect apps to handle. ReadWrite