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Sencha Earns Rank on Info-Tech’s 2013 Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms Vendor Landscape Report

October 28, 2013—Sencha, a company focusing on powering HTML5 development for desktop and mobile applications, announced it has been listed as a Champion in Info-Tech Research Group's 2013 Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms (MEAP) Vendor Landscape report. TMC Net

Sencha Feels HTML5 Force In Touch 2.3

October 07, 2013—HTML5 development for desktop and mobile applications company Sencha has updated its Touch mobile framework. Version 2.3 now integrates with Apache Cordova for support of native phone functionality direct from HTML5 apps Dr. Dobb's

Bad news: iOS 7’s HTML5 is full of bugs

September 27, 2013—Apple's iOS 7 is plagued with HTML5 defects related to the Web SQL database, home-screen widgets, gestures, and animations. Maximiliano Firtman, an HTML5 developer and author of several popular Web programming books, revealed several of these bugs in his blog. And Michael Mullany, CEO of Web development environment vendor Sencha, both confirmed Firtman's findings and found more problems in Apple's HTML5 execution. InfoWorld

What can mobile app development do for you?

September 04, 2013—Increased developer productivity, multi-platform development, the BYOD trend, enterprise scalability, the demand for great user experiences, and code reuse are some of the reasons why application developers should be using both open-source and proprietary mobile application frameworks today, according to industry solution providers. SD Times

Forget “post-PC”—pervasive computing and cloud will change the nature of IT

August 29, 2013—Change happens in IT whether you want it to or not. But even with all the talk of the "post-PC" era and the rise of the horrifically named "bring your own device" hype, change has happened in a patchwork. Despite the disruptive technologies documented on Ars and elsewhere, the fundamentals of enterprise IT have evolved slowly over the past decade Ars Technica

HTML5: The perfect mobile development framework prescription

August 27, 2013—Biotechnology leader Genentech uses human genetic information to develop medicine to treat people afflicted with life-threatening ailments. The company's mobile program is cutting-edge too, dating back to the iPhone itself, according to Christian Santiago, Genentech's mobile Web technical lead in the enterprise mobility group TechTarget

Sencha: Performance of Mobile Web Applications will Further Improve

August 23, 2013—Sencha, maker of the Sencha Touch Framework for HTML5 and JavaScript based mobile applications, commented on some so-called myths concerning performance of web-based applications on mobile platforms. InfoQ

Sencha Space Helps Enterprise IT Build & Manage BYOD Mobile Apps

August 22, 2013—Sencha is previewing Sencha Space, a secure and managed environment for business apps that runs on any mobile device. Sencha Space lets devs wrestling with BYOD avoid the need to write a new app every time a user brings a new device into the organization. Rather, using Sencha’s device-level APIs, they can reuse code they’ve already written to deploy new apps in a secure environment. Integration Developer News

Web Sites vs. Web Apps: What the experts think

July 29, 2013—The term “web app” has been around for the past years – we’ve all heard it and used it more times than we care to remember. Yet there remains a debate on where “web sites” end, and “web apps” begin. Guest author Ciprian Borodescu presents the opinions of several prominent figures in the web technology domain and discusses the ‘app-ification’ of the web. VisionMobile

Make HTML5 apps with Sencha, part one

July 25, 2013—In the first of a two-part tutorial, Daniel Gallo explores mobile application development and how to create a data-aware mobile HTML5 app .net Magazine