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Approaches for Mobile Application Development

March 08, 2014—There has been a paradigm shift in mobile domain in the past 2 years with the introduction of smartphones.Every business desires to reach its customers through mobile applications and too on all the platforms. In addition, the business wants to keep the time to market the products minimum so that they can beat their competition and and also be able to show their superiority in the market. SiliconIndia

Jolt Awards 2014: Mobile and Coding Tools

March 07, 2014—Dr. Dobbs has awarded the Jolt Award for Mobile and Coding Tools for 2014.Dr. Dobb's Journal has recently announced the winners of the Jolt Awards for Mobile Development Tools. This award is meant to recognize the best tools for creating mobile applications. This year’s award recognizes the improvements made by cross-platform mobile development tools, noting that if “they continue to close the gap with native applications, they might well become the tool of choice for all development, save the most demanding.” InfoQ

INSIDE BlackBerry Developer Blog

March 05, 2014—In this post I wanted to go over how easy it is to package your existing Sencha Touch applications using PhoneGap and bring it to the BlackBerry 10 platform. Since the release of Sencha Touch 2.3 and Phone Gap 2.9, creating your cross platform applications (including BlackBerry 10, iOS and Android) has never been easier. Here is the quick review of the process. INSIDE BlackBerry Developer Blog

Why ‘Mobile Development’ is the Hottest Focus in Tech Innovation

March 04, 2014—One key take-away of the DeveloperWeek 2014 Conference + Event Series is that mobile development is the next big frontier of tech innovation. The driver isn't necessarily just money, either. Although the mobile market will generate $400 billion more spending by 2015 than the $139 billion it did back in 2012. Technorati

Sencha Converts Microsoft Azure into BaaS Platform

March 04, 2014—Mobile developers have come to rely on a number of backend-as-a-service (BaaS) offerings that make developing and deploying mobile applications a whole lot simpler. Now Sencha wants to take that that concept to the next logical conclusion in the form of an extension to its application development tools that turns the Microsoft Azure cloud into a BaaS environment for mobile applications. ProgrammableWeb

Op-Ed: Business networking apps and advice for young professionals Read more:

March 04, 2014—Mobile apps are transforming the way business is done around the world. Millennials are particularly well suited to benefit from their use. Digital Journal

Sencha Launches GXT 3.1 Beta to Create Web Apps Using Java

February 28, 2014—Sencha has announced the release of GXT 3.1 beta for creating web apps using Java. Sencha GXT uses the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) compiler that allows developers to write apps in Java and compile their code into highly optimized cross-browser HTML5 and JavaScript. Sencha GXT provides widgets, templates and layouts, advanced charting, data loaders and stores, and more. App Developer Magazine

Senchas State of HTML5

February 26, 2014—Half of HTML5 developers support both mobile devices and the desktop, with the typical developer supporting their apps on Windows classic, MacOS, iPhone, iPad and at least one Android phone. I-Programmer

Application Developers Give Boost to HTML5

February 26, 2014—There are plenty of cross-platform mobile development tools on the market today, from companies such as Sencha, Xamarin, and Appcelerator. ReachLocal believes it has something new to bring to the party with its open source LigerMobile framework, unveiled this week. InfoWorld

Application Developers Give Boost to HTML5

February 24, 2014—A survey reported at InfoWorld finds that application developers are paying growing attention to HTML5, the updated version of the website design language that is optimized for mobile technologies. At the same time, developers are starting to back away from traditional PC-oriented platforms. Midsize Insider