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  1. [FIXED] Sencha Cmd 3 Dependency Ordering Issue
  2. [FIXED] Blank lines or blank comment lines in 'response file' (@file) break compiler
  3. [FIXED] Clarification on compiler debug directive
  4. Requires for ExtJS classes?
  5. [FIXED] [android] build apk ok but
  6. Problems installing Sencha SDK tools
  7. Sencha Command - error copying Entitlements file
  8. Hello World Example
  9. Deployment question - custom class includes
  10. [CLOSED] Sencha SDK Tool
  11. Sencha Cmd and custom Ext.application
  12. Concatenate application js files
  13. [FIXED] bug with French characters?
  14. [FIXED] sencha generate theme creating config.rb with wrong css_path?
  15. Problems compiling sass file: Theme image not found + incorrect url in generated css
  16. [FIXED] Using 'upgrade' command overwrites files
  17. [CLOSED] "...not a recognized Sencha SDK or application folder..." issue with EXT JS
  18. [FIXED] [ - Touch 2.1-20121002] iOS build is not signed
  19. Sencha CMD 3 issue
  20. [FIXED] [ - Ext JS 4.1.1a] unable to disable yui compression
  21. [FIXED] Invalid resourced created on sencha create app (touch 2.1-rc1 cmd 188)
  22. Need a reminder on using the upgrade command please
  23. Failed to build on RHEL5 x86
  24. [CLOSED] Problem upgrading ST app using Cmd build 181
  25. How do I build the custom EXT.js for my application including all components
  26. How to use sencha.jar with Ant
  27. [FIXED] Building themes with Sencha Cmd v3.0.0.181
  28. [FIXED] Native Android packaging fails on Sencha Cmd v3.0.0.181
  29. [FIXED] In "app-all.js is using ANSI not UTF8" breaks localization
  30. Sencha App Build :: Missing images after build
  31. Sencha App Build Production :: Touch = Application Cache Error event: Manifest fetch
  32. Sencha Cmd V3 Beta Now Available
  33. 'object is not a function' error on compiled version of app
  34. Successful Native Android App Build with Problem
  35. Sencha Cmd v3.0.0.190 Failed to determine framework
  36. [] Yui Compressor Warning <> Trailing comma is not legal in an ECMA-262 obj
  37. [OPEN] Command not found mac OSX mountain lion
  38. Cmd v3.0.0.190 :: sencha app build FAILED / missing resources folder
  39. [CLOSED] Cmd v3.0.0.190 :: app.css is still overridden after first build
  40. [OPEN] Theme Build fails with NegativeArraySizeException if components are hidden by CSS
  41. How do I build a Sencha Touch app?
  42. [FIXED] Issue with exclude -all?
  43. [FIXED] Ant clean target not working
  44. Sencha Touch Build - Error
  45. [FIXED] Overeager matching for -namespace
  46. Sencha SDK Tools compatibility with Sencah Touch
  47. No Theme/Resources generated or copied in build
  48. How to share a custom theme in a multi-page ExtJS application
  49. [OPEN] Final Build (ant) :: still missing some (event) Classes
  51. [OPEN] Sencha Cmd should support sandboxed packages
  52. Failed running native packager for Android
  53. Can't find variable: Ext
  54. [FIXED] senchacmd --sdk /pathtosdk generate app SampleApp /pathtosampleapp Fails
  55. Error unicode on sencha sdk v3.0.0.201
  56. 'sencha app upgrade' blows away my files...why?
  57. [FIXED] Signing fails in Mac OS with Sencha CMD (Freshly Generated App)
  58. Debug an app with weinre
  59. Forum for Desktop Packager and Sencha Cmd
  60. Sencha cmd and Maven development
  61. sencha slice does not generate all needed images
  62. Failed to find association/belongsto
  63. Where Is 'Search' For This Forum
  64. [FIXED] sencha generate app Does Not Create 'model' and 'store' Directories
  65. [FIXED] [] Fails generating checksum for appCache item
  66. [OPEN] [] Custom compass directory
  67. SenchaCmd and Architect 2.1
  68. What is the role of bootstrap.js?
  69. [NOREPRO] loop bug ?
  70. Error executing page compilation Circular extends reference for class Sample.deadlock
  71. SenchaCmd issues with Ext.Loader
  72. Sencha CMD app upgrade issues on build 201
  73. Sencha Cmd Compile Error..Need Help!!
  74. Failed to find file for Ext.util.DelayedTask
  75. Plans to support Linux for native packaging
  76. boostrap (build) and compile different results ? confused....
  77. Is this a bug ? not classes from bootstrap.js get copy to all-classes.js
  78. SenchaCmd v3.0.0.190 - Build Failed: "Failed to find any files for ..."
  79. [FIXED] Sencha CMD Application Entry File Config
  80. [OPEN] Windows vs. Unix newlines
  81. How to build/compile an Architect app using sencha cmd
  82. Upgrading App (190 -> 201) ERASE ALL MY APP SOURCES !!!!
  83. Ant task build error (where to get the source code for Sencha Cmd)
  84. [FIXED] Stripping <debug>
  85. Sencha Command - ST2 - MicroLoader error on 3g
  86. Problem with commandline sencha app build package [ERROR] ReferenceError: Can't find
  87. [OPEN] Selecting files via class aliases
  88. Sencha Cmd V3 Beta Now Available
  89. [FIXED] NullPointerException in
  90. [CLOSED] Can' create extjs 4.1.2 App
  91. [CLOSED] "sencha ant production build" error
  92. [CLOSED] "sencha app build" error
  93. Failed to find file for Ext.ux.auth.controller.Sessions
  94. [FIXED] Ext.Direct is extremely difficult to use with CMD
  95. There is no way to search this forum
  96. [OPEN] Howto: use custom pictos with Sencha Touch
  97. [FIXED] Build version does not support UTF8?
  98. "sencha app build" error on windows
  99. Possible to work against a live server?
  100. Sencha CMD V3 and Sencha Architect
  101. [NOREPRO] CMD3 Signing Android Package - Accepted by Play Store, but not by Phone
  102. Sencha CMD - Vote for giving Cmd it's own forum group
  103. A little problem: building touch app with remote files.
  104. packaging issue for android in windows 7
  105. [FIXED] Apps in Workspaces in Cmd V3.0.0.230 have wrong default ext image paths
  106. Issue compiling with
  107. CMD can create rpm package of sencha touch application?
  108. Compiled application all-classes.js is empty
  109. [OPEN] Cannot create an instance of unrecognized alias: widget.tbspacer
  110. Code Formatting Conventions for Generated Source Code
  111. [CLOSED] Ext.log does not work in generated app
  112. Sencha app build production error
  113. [CLOSED] Failed to find file for my Viewport
  114. [OPEN] 2 possible bugs/issues with v3.0.0.230
  115. [OPEN] How to add licence text to all-classes.js during build process?
  116. Is the app.scss template wrong?
  117. Custom theme not displaying for older browsers
  118. [OPEN] Found Ext.dd in all-classes.js but no DD in app
  119. sencha generate model syntax for idProperty and validations
  120. Requirements for "resources/sass/<theme>/.sass-cache" folder
  121. how to compile this application with cmd
  122. Migrating to SenchaCmd 3
  123. v3 compile index.php in remote server https://www.domain.com/index.php
  124. error circular extends reference
  125. v3 compile empty all-classes.js without errors
  126. Ext.onReady not defined after compile
  127. Wrong paths using "views" Controller property on an app built with Cmd
  128. Compiled project shows blank screen
  129. PhoneGap object is not created in production build
  130. cmd v3. what is ${framework.config.dir} ?
  131. sencha cmd v3. compile mvc structure ?
  132. how to add -ignore in workspace sencha.cfg ?
  133. Compile process grabbing files that are unrelated
  134. [CLOSED] Compile and concatenate only app files with v3.0.0.230
  135. why this viewport not showing after compile or build?
  136. [FIXED] <feature logger> doesn't work
  137. How do I get images included in build?
  138. Sencha Cmd V3.0 GA ( Now Available
  139. Where do you guys install Sencha Cmd on a Mac?
  140. generate form/view?
  141. Sencha Cmd V3.0 GA ( loops
  142. Packaging on android, senchaCmdv3
  143. error creating native build with command v3
  144. [FIXED] Architect 2 + Cmd 3 - bug when defining stores etc on the Controller not on the App
  145. Where do I put external components to be seen by build?
  146. Migrating to newer versions of Sencha Command
  147. [OPEN] Regression in yuicompressor ? Sencha Cmd
  148. sencha Architect and sencha Cmd working together
  149. [solved] Sencha Cmd under Ubuntu 12.04 not working
  150. [CLOSED] Compile only dependencies?
  151. Advice on Migrating to Sencha Cmd
  152. [SenchaCmd-] Bug in building test build
  153. sencha app build looping
  154. upgrade command errors
  155. Compiling an mvc app that uses Ext.direct
  156. [FIXED] Building Themes with Sencha Cmd
  157. iOS Simulator doesn't open after build
  158. [CLOSED] [] sencha app build testing does minify?
  159. [OPEN] [] Core classes being added despite exclude -tag core
  160. build not building when framework location changed (touch and cmd V3.0.0.250)
  161. index.html as valid xml
  162. Changing ext.dir in Workspace builds doesn't copy ext images.to app build directory
  163. No charts has all the charts?
  164. ReferenceError: "PathUtil" is not defined
  165. How to use compile and build together?
  166. Sencha Cmd chokes on third party class
  167. Excluding Ext from compilation file
  168. Cmd v3.250 - still spitting microloader across multiple lines
  169. Generated images are not being used
  170. Compiling using Virtual Directory
  171. Empty all-classes.js after compile mvc app v3.0.0.250
  172. noob question: extending outside basic mvc layout
  173. Build with cmd don't work
  174. Replacing SDK v2 with Cmd v3
  175. CMD Generate App not working with _ in path name
  176. Unable to run apk
  177. Leaflet library breaks on production build
  178. Do I have to install Compass to use Sencha Cmd for Ext JS project?
  179. svgz in packed appplication ?
  180. Possible to upgrade directly from 1.1.1 to CMD3?
  181. Native building with multiple package-files
  182. Cmd & DOCS: Alternative Strategy - Sharing A Framework Subset
  183. Problems after build
  184. No output returned for Sencha Cmd 3.0
  185. No output file using Sencha Command
  186. Tried to generate app GS > "Failed to determine framework name"
  187. Issue Resolving Ext.window.MessageBox
  188. sencha package native for iPhone 5 not full height
  189. sencha app build production faild
  190. Bug in sencha compile for Ext application controllers
  191. Compass.app for Windows, what is the path?
  192. native appliaction not working
  193. Error loading resources after using 'sencha compile concatenate'
  194. SenchaCmd issues with Ext.Loader
  195. Advanced Cmd usage with ant
  196. Building a debug version with Sencha CMD 3
  197. Application not working after 'Sencha app build'
  198. Sencha Cmd error when ios packaging ST2 app "The filename or extension is too long"
  199. Sencha CMD for Sencha touch not working
  200. sencha app build package doesn't respect app.json
  201. "iTunes sync <appName> failed to install " SenchaCmd and Windows 7
  202. [BUG CMD250] Touch generate creates directories in the sdk dir instead of app
  203. Build error or empty all-classes.js after compile with v3.250 and 3rd party libs
  204. compile and sencha touch
  205. sencha Cmd can not install success
  206. Android app stuck on loading screen
  207. Suggestion: bundle Compass with Sencha Cmd to eliminate ruby dependency!
  208. Does Sencha CMD work with CompassApp (for windows)?
  209. slice command in sencha cmd v3.0.0.250
  210. javax.script.ScriptException when building sencha touch 2.1
  211. Failed sencha compile - Error - Circular requires reference
  212. Failed Sencha Compile - Error - com.sencha.exceptions.BasicException
  213. ERRORLEVEL is not correctly reported
  214. Letter Boxed App on iphone 5
  215. Use SDK to minify a single file
  216. Minified code has errors in Code - whereas unminified code works perfectly
  217. Sencha Cmd v3 - comments so far
  218. How to find core dependencies ?
  219. Slow iOS app.
  220. Massive Performance decrease from Sencha Cmd b181 to b250
  221. Java Heap Size
  222. sencha app build entry point config needed
  223. Cmd simply does not work, and Ext.Loader not getting disabled!
  224. deploying application unrecognized alias: layout.border, but fit and others work
  225. Nothing happens? Simple installation oversight I hope
  226. Mommy what's a classpath?
  227. Bug with tilde expansion on Linux x64
  228. Location of the touch directory
  229. Does Sencha Cmd not work with a Touch project?
  230. No errors, no window!
  231. How does over-the-air updates work?
  232. [Bug Report] app-build.js
  233. supress Double activity spinner during ajax loading
  234. com.sencha.exceptions.ExParse: Failed parsing
  235. need help with a compile command
  236. [I bet it's not supposed to do this]Sencha-cmd crash on linux
  237. [Bug Report] appCache entries from app.json do not get URI encoded
  238. How to track down missing resources in compiled version
  239. Rapid .scss development w/o using 'sencha app build testing' for each change
  240. Sencha Cmd v3.0.1 GA is Now Available
  241. Problem with build version of app
  242. [OPEN] Issues with Sencha Cmd 3.0.1 and Sencha Touch 2.1
  243. Page not found exception
  244. x-bootstrap and sencha-touch.js
  245. Changes to organization of Ext JS Themes in Cmd 3.0.2
  246. Sencha Cmd v3.0.2 is Now Available
  247. Build error with Sencha Touch 2.1
  248. Simulate error
  249. Failed to find file for @core
  250. Theme Fail: failed to render widgets within 30 sec.