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  1. compile Failed to find file
  2. sencha cmd with extJS 4.1 and asp
  3. Going to Production
  4. A Simple Themeing Question
  5. Strange problem with app built by Sencha Cmd
  6. [OPEN] Sencha cmd does not ignore backup files
  7. User interaction is not allowed
  8. Sencha Command build error
  9. Sencha Android Native Packaging issue with Sencha Cmd 3.0.2 .288 build
  10. sencha app upgrade failing
  11. sencha compile on one folder instead of the whole application
  12. Moving ext folder
  13. Order of files during packaging
  14. Sencha Cmd incorrectly setting extjs version during ant build
  15. s theme question?
  16. SenchaCmd- - issue circular requires reference
  17. "sencha app build package" not reading app.json
  18. Sencha CMD and Compass requirments no internet access
  19. Problem with Sencha CMD on Windows
  20. My .apk file is not working properly
  21. Sencha generate store is missing ...
  22. Sencha Cmd folder is missing sencha.cfg - aborting!
  23. [Bug] Sencha compile not including classes when creating with alias
  24. [OPEN] Cmd - Native packaging/building has hardcoded image directories
  25. Errors after compiling
  26. Sencha compile with direct/api.php
  27. Best practice when using additional libraries
  28. Invalid Delta File Creation with Umlauts
  29. Cygwin path expressions
  30. [OPEN] The 'app' folder and 'app.js' file name are hardcoded in the Ext plugin.
  31. Sencha cmd cannot generate output js file
  32. CSS applying differently after Cmd production build
  33. Missing resources/theme/images/theme.html
  34. Issue With Sencha CMD for generating images
  35. AppFolder specification in all-classes.js [ExtJs 4.1.1a, Sencha cmd]
  36. Sencha CMD concatenate files - how to turn off YUI compression?
  37. xception, when I am trying to make build using Sencha cmd without
  38. Sencha build and ext folder location
  39. Build production doesn't make an index.html
  40. Influencing Browser Caching with Sencha Cmd for an ExtJS 4 App
  41. How to build only application files leaving ext files in ext-all
  42. Sencha Cmd needs some coffee
  43. simple noob question regarding sencha cmd 3
  44. theme-name property not found when generating apps
  45. Sencha -yui options not recognised
  46. x-sencha-init provides NullPointerException
  47. Pass URL to Sencha Compile
  48. Hep with Cmd & Zend Framework
  49. Need help generating custom button ui
  50. Error just trying to run sencha command
  51. generate app with 4.1.3
  52. cmd.version= - java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
  53. [ST 2.1 CMD] Application is never updated on Android.
  54. [CLOSED] Ext.JS 4.1.1, CMD 3.0.0 - generated app fails to build app (as generated)
  55. Build Failed, but why?
  56. How to include Ext.Direct into Sencha CMD 3 build process?
  57. Build of sample app fails - Sencha Cmd - app.dir config property sencha.cfg - ERR
  58. how do i use sencha cmd?
  59. How to Report an Issue With Sencha Cmd
  60. [FIXED] [] sencha js minify -> Unsupported Compressor
  61. Is it possible to make compile task fail on certain javascript parsing warnings?
  62. remove swfobject dependency
  63. ExtJS 4.2 build with Grid
  64. "build production" compiles fine, but app tries to load classes dynamically still?
  65. How does Sencha Cmd know to pull in requires?
  66. sencha generate theme, how to ?!?
  67. Help needed with Sencha touch 2.1.1 iOS native packaging not working on sencha cmd
  68. Native packaging copies old files
  69. Native packaging contains duplicate files
  70. Integrate Sencha with PhoneGap on MAC
  71. Now Available - Sencha Cmd 3.1 Beta
  72. the application doesn't appear in the browser.
  73. Disable Verbose Logging in Browser
  74. Help with Sencha's Cmd compilator X Asp.net Mvc 3
  75. Cmd 3.1b: Using Netptune theme
  76. [OPEN] [FR] Hooks into the compilation process
  77. Push Notification with Sencha Cmd on Windows Enviroment
  78. Sencha CMD CSS Compressor?
  79. Install without admin rights?
  80. where is the .res folder?
  81. Changing the indexHtmlPath causes final build step to fail.
  82. ant integration issue
  83. How to create a jsb3 file for Sencha Touch 2.11?
  84. Sencha Cmd build process system requirements?
  85. Sencha CMD on linux 64
  86. [FIXED] [] Bug with generating workspaces and apps
  87. [INFOREQ] [] Issue with building app with custom path
  88. How to create a custom build containing only the code that application needs?
  89. How to get the gray theme after build?!?
  90. YUI Compressor Options
  91. Checking for existence, before destroying appLoadingIndicator in the generated code.
  92. Include extra scripts in Ext JS build
  93. How to biuld all-classes.js without extjs, to use with ext-all.js ?
  94. Model class not found in built app
  95. SECURITY_ERR: DOM Exception 18
  96. [FIXED] [v3.1.0.130] "sencha app build" Fails For Spaced Folders
  97. built application can't load some JS files including Ext.data.Validations ?
  98. Sencha app build don't include images subdirectories
  99. [WRN] Sencha Cmd update is recommended
  100. [OPEN] [3.1 Beta] app build doesn't copy theme resources.
  101. Is there a way to find out why some files aren't being included in the build?
  102. Equavallent comamnd of "sencha create jsb -a all.html -p all.jsb3" in Sencha CMD
  103. image slicing not friendly with ie8
  104. Installation On Mac
  105. [v3.1.0.130] try to build the gray theme again did not work (for me)
  106. Build Faild
  107. sencha + xcode
  108. Ext-JS 4.1.3, Sencha CMD -> all-classes is empty
  109. Not Able to use Ext.Direct.addProvider() with Sencha Cmd
  110. Sencha Custom Production Build
  111. [OPEN] [] "sencha app upgrade" tries to merge default files with current app files
  112. Build fails only for one of our dev.
  113. Getting Object [object Object] has no method 'isLocalRtl' error for extjs4.2 build
  114. Hard to compile project, any help appreciated. Sending beers.
  115. errors in sencha app build
  116. Webview on 3.1 beta ?
  117. Concat with -closure trows Error: this.fn.call is not a function
  118. extensible calendar, build separate ext classes and myapp
  119. Sencha Cmd 3.x and Rails
  120. [FIXED] [] Neptune overrides are not applied during development
  121. All I want is to not ship 500 classes when I probably need 1/3 of that (Help Plz)
  122. How to create JSB3 file with Sencha Cmd?
  123. [INFOREQ] Sencha touch native build :TypeError: Cannot read property "length" from undefined
  124. Help with Sencha Cmd
  125. How to manage large project with sencha command?
  126. Sencha Cmd version for Architect 2.1.0 Build 678
  127. Production environment
  128. theme problem "compass watch error"
  129. Code visible
  130. sencha cmd v3: migration from sencha sdk tools 2 beta 3
  131. How to strip all comments from the testing build?
  132. compatibility issue?
  133. Sencha Cmd v3.0.2.288 - android packaging error - help please
  134. Build Error: "failed to find meta class definition for name Ext.log.formatter.Default
  135. sencha sdk -> cmd
  136. to display screenshots on appstore?
  137. Generate Images with sencha cmd showing error Coordinate out of bounds!
  138. Which Cmd version for ExtJS 4.2.0
  139. Error when running Sencha App Upgrade
  140. Unable to generate a correct apk
  141. CMD v3.1.0.216 and Touch 2.1.1
  142. Compile Ext JS with app dependencies
  143. Will Sencha Package still work if application not generated thru Sencha Cmd?
  144. Does Sencha CMD 3 Support WebSQL?
  145. Sencha Cmd v3.1 RC2 is Now Available
  146. [] Did not work in my case. any idea?
  147. How to build desktop example?
  148. [] Sencha Cmd Could not Handle Alternate Class Names
  149. [CLOSED] Build js file with only the required classes
  150. [FIXED] Why is compilation dependent on themes
  151. Changing Build Directory!
  152. CMD error using ext-
  153. Is it possible to generate an application without copy/paste the SDK ?
  154. Production Build not including base Ext classes in all-classes.js
  155. layout broken after build with latest cmd?
  156. Error from Compile: Circular requires reference
  157. Can't get system to point to new instance of CMD (3.1)?
  158. Failed loading Application.js
  159. Sencha Cmd and ExtJS 4.2 theme questions using SASS
  160. Build with server generated JS
  161. BUILD FAILED : def was null / failed to find meta class definition for name - help!
  162. [OPEN] Would be nice to use theme inheritance also for images
  163. Where is the source code of Sencha Cmd?
  164. [FIXED] [] sencha generate app with Ext JS 4.1.1a not working
  165. RC2 would not compile noframework that was working with 3.0
  166. [OPEN] [BUG] Sencha app build modifies original date of the copied extra resources
  167. [OPEN] Property for change classmapping bootstrap
  168. Theme Package
  169. [OPEN] CMD production build fails due to .SVN
  170. building with command 3.0, index.html doe not include js file I put in SA 2.2
  171. Sencha Package Build Not Generating Correct Sprites?
  172. Sencha Cmd v3.1 GA is Now Available
  173. using sencha cmd v3.1.0.256 Error!
  174. Not a recognized Sencha SDK or application folder
  175. How to configure path to project for bootstrap.js class path mapping?
  176. [OPEN] Upgrading Sencha Cmd behind proxy
  177. deploying app to different server (CDN)
  178. [FIXED] Cannot call method "toString" of null in ant-util.js during upgrade
  179. Sencha Cmd: Customize URLs of Ext sources during development
  180. Global Javascript variables
  181. [OPEN] Cmd Build Failed: Failed to find file for @packageOverrides
  182. Upgrade theme to 4.2
  183. [OPEN] .sass-cache, *.scss and config.rb part of production build
  184. [solved] Sencha Cmd 3.1 + Ext.js generate app not working correctly?
  185. Circular requires reference eror
  186. sencha generate app - crashes with build error!
  187. [OPEN] Cmd does not process dynamic Ext.require() calls?
  188. [] Merge Conflicts when upgrading Touch project
  189. [OPEN] [] Error 'Package name contains invalid character'
  190. [OPEN] [] Strange Android Titlebar on native Apps
  191. [OPEN] [ST2.1.1][CMD] Failed building SASS with system ruby
  192. Issue upgrading application
  193. -bash: sencha: command not found
  194. Theme overrides are not included in development mode on secha app refresh
  195. [ST2.1.1][CMD] SASS build testing failed
  196. Override framework location
  197. "sencha app refresh" dependencies problem
  198. workspace structure question
  199. What can be in gitignore?
  200. Upgrade to v3.1.0.216 ERR=null ?
  201. Using Sencha Cmd 3.1 with JRuby
  202. Not able to execute generate app command.
  203. [OPEN] Filename is not reported in console when json malformed
  204. No Event Handling with packaged app
  205. Using the command tool with this this UX is giving me errors
  206. Some files does not included by compiler
  207. How to include only Ext.picker.Date and its dependencies
  208. "sencha compass watch"?
  209. Ignore server-side generated javascripts
  210. Error while generating theme
  211. Sample to produce custom ext-all with Ant command
  212. Production build files
  213. "SenchaLogManager" is not defined
  214. Ordering output. Send licence blurb to the top of the file. How to?
  215. sencha upgrade --beta not working
  216. Build error - Unknown definition for dependency : Ext.Base
  217. Global Config Namespace
  218. Eroror from resolve
  219. [OPEN] [] sencha upgrade does not test version
  220. framework.dir
  221. Sencha CMD > [WARN] The current working directory ...
  222. [] sencha app build issue
  223. sencha cmd sencha touch 2 build error
  224. [OPEN] Custom theme images do not override default images
  225. .jsb3 file does not conatins controllers
  226. Exclude things from themes?
  227. Sencha Touch themes with packages?
  228. don't create sass/example/bootstrap.js
  229. Themes
  230. cmd build avoid adding stylesheet
  231. some of the image folders are not copied over to final build
  232. Possible bug with list prepareData in production app
  233. [] Install intermittently infinitely hangs
  234. Solved :NoMethodError on line ["23"] of C: undefined method `empty?' for nil:NilClass
  235. [ERR] Widgets button-X and button-Y conflict on image "imagePath"
  236. Sencha cmd change the encoding text
  237. SCSS for classes with custom namespace
  238. Trailing comma is not legal in ... /sass/example/render.js
  239. Trying to install Sencha Cmd but getting incompatible error
  240. [][ubuntu] st-res/templates/stbuild_template_sim.app/ does not exists
  241. Problem with Compass
  242. [OPEN] 3.0 -> 3.1, Rhino refuses to compile arbitrary leading commas
  243. Sencha Cmd v3.1.0.256 - sencha generate app MyApp ../MyApp SLOW!
  244. sencha app build - minifies resources/app.css, lack of css of legend component
  245. [OPEN] - Command to start screenshot_runner.js fails with spaces (-before-slice)
  246. Creating sprites with cmd 3.1?
  247. Benefits of "sencha generate [model/view/controller]" - Metadata added?
  248. Changing Build Folder Name
  249. Problems to create a minified all_classes.js with Sencha Cmd v3.1
  250. Sencha Cmd v3.1.1 GA is Now Available