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  1. Nightly builds
  2. Problem with Ext.XTemplate escaping javascript functions
  3. Cannot run the application in IE8
  4. Adjusting column width based on content of the first row
  5. MultiSelect rendering issue (screenshots provided)
  6. Missing required class: Messages
  7. viewport scrolls up when opening multiple windows if "Y" exceed browser height
  8. ExtJS component similar to Flex ViewStack.
  9. Complex layout calculation
  10. Refresh Tree Store
  11. Unable to change the Line Chart color dynamically
  12. body is null when launching app from local iframe.
  13. passing parameters between window extjs
  14. Hidden Grid with fit layout not rendering rows properly until doLayout
  15. Grid, no paging ...
  16. preparedata event on Ext.view.View ExtJs 4.1
  17. Cannot get REST store / infinite scrolling / remote sorting to work
  18. form getValues & submit sends data from elements which should have been destroyed
  19. Ext 4.1 Showing Blank Page
  20. Problem with Grid&Toolbar in tabPanel
  21. Lazy Tree building
  22. Problems Rendering Second Form with Identical Configurations, Caching Problem ?
  23. Any news on this problem?
  24. success function - for succes:false response
  25. How to find Combobox object within Store?
  26. Problems with store filter function
  27. Looping through the fields in store to find Max lenght of content for each column
  28. A good reference to learn the basics of ext js
  29. Model association with an extra condition
  30. Paging problem
  31. ExtJS 4.1 Problem with Ext.view.View
  32. Ext.picker.Date with no prev and next buttons
  33. EXT JS 4.1 NEWBIE asking for help
  34. panel cancelling the mousemove event on the toolbar
  35. Panel collapsed at afterrender is not expandable anymore
  36. How to do query in JSON Store
  37. struggling with simple form interaction
  38. FireBug not showing error Ext4.1 only
  39. Problem in field mapping?
  40. extjs grid column text wrap around/auto expand
  41. Ext JS 4.1.1 RC1 Now Available
  42. Showing button in the mask
  43. Cancelling an Ajax request
  44. [Ext 4.1.0] childItems is undefined
  45. [Ext 4.1.x] Proposal for listeners enhancement
  46. Grid with Drag and Drop + Grouping + Summary: Getting duplicated summary Row.
  47. [Ext 4.1.1 RC1] Dynamically adding sprites to draw surface not working
  48. Ajax.request and arrayBuffer
  49. [4.1.1 RC1] Combo field was not selected with form.loadRecord() method
  50. [4.1.1 RC1] Bug slated for fix? EXTJSIV-5807
  51. [4.1.1 RC1] Bug slated for fix? EXTJSIV-3034
  52. [4.1.1 RC1] Bug slated for fix? EXTJSIV-5273
  53. [4.1.1 RC1] Bug slated for fix? EXTJSIV-5102
  54. How to put a field in column?
  55. Date format syntax
  56. Window hide method sets position to -10000
  57. [4.1/4.1.1 BUG] Grouped Grid scrolls to first row when value of a field changed
  58. FieldContainer Background
  59. 4.1.1 loadRecords fails at refresh.
  60. Neptune - is it really going to work?
  61. ExtJS 4.1 and new Neptune theme
  62. Hide a message box after a certain time duration
  63. Ext.Base:initConfig problem
  64. Extjs grid transform html
  65. So Many Many problem with new code...
  66. 4.1.1-rc1 bug
  67. Why is my store not saving ???
  68. When the tree refresh, select the first row of the issue is resolved
  69. Issue with Ext.util.JSON.encode()
  70. loading mask appears when using local sort
  71. Ext.chart.axis.Radial problems
  72. issue with the GeoExt Build while migrating from 3.X to 4.X
  73. Handle 'click' event with action column
  74. Issue with non-running code
  75. 4.1.1 RC1 Grid State Bug
  76. Ext.load.setConfig doesn't seem to work
  77. [4.1] After selecting a tab, window no longer moveable
  78. Problem with component loading with renderer of type "component"
  79. Pre selected value in a combobox
  80. Border layout: Dynamic splitter
  81. Ext JS 4.1.1 RC2 Now Available
  82. 4.1.1 RC 2: Theme / Layout broken
  83. Get TreeNode of TreePanel by mouse coordinates or HTML element
  84. [4.1.1rc2] wrong version?
  85. [Answered] ExtJS 4.1 layout problem
  86. 4.1.1RC2 Gauge Chart Step Labels Broken
  87. Ext.Updater: Extjs3.4 migration to extjs 4.1
  88. This's bug of Store?
  89. create and destory grid and store.load to fill will get slower at each iteration
  90. Combo box submits display field instead of value field
  91. Store does update on insert
  92. [4.1.1 RC2] Sprite's el getHeight() returns 0
  93. Ext.layout.ContextItem:init failing in simple test scenario
  94. preserveScrollOnRefresh problem, randomly going to top
  95. 4.1.1 RC2 keyup event locks text field input
  96. Column-Header moves when resizing Column-Width
  97. removeAt for selected row fails if filters are used
  98. EXTJS 4.1 Model idProperty issue
  99. Ext.decode seems to not work properly
  100. Migration problem from 4.0 to 4.1
  101. Problems with button size in Firefox
  102. infinite grid editing
  103. Editing Grid in TabPanel
  104. Ext JS 4.1.1 (GA) Now Available
  105. Planned Areas for Performance Improvements in 4.next
  106. Ext JS 4.2 Beta is Now Available
  107. Neptune Theme
  108. 4.2.0 grid Loading and Grouping
  109. ReferenceError inAbstractCalendar
  110. Little typo in the desktop example
  111. What are the -ent files?
  112. RTL Support: Is There A Right Way Left?
  113. [4.2.0] Ext.data.Store.getById() error
  114. Any Idea on when Ext: 4.2 GA will be available?
  115. Ext: 4.2.0 Beta: Object [object Object] has no method 'filterBy'
  116. 4.2.0Beta: Ext.data.Model, id management consistency
  117. Bug: Tooltip + RTL + Chrome show the shadow in the wrong place
  118. What about Ext.Draw in 4.2?
  119. After upgrade to 4.2 beta window with tree store didnt open again
  120. Ajax Request posts null params
  121. ExtJS 4.2 beta - Buffered tree plugin
  122. [4.2Beta] columnWidth in fieldsets is needed
  123. [4.2.0beta] Ext.view.Table.refreshSize() error
  124. [4.2.0beta] Ext.grid.plugin.BufferedRenderer && layout
  125. [4.2.0beta] Ext.util.CSS.getRule() error
  126. Ext.layout.container.Table: renderChildren OR getRenderTree
  127. LIveSearchGrid not positioning on result
  128. [4.2] [Feature] Need add property 'defaultMargins' in 'auto' layout
  129. [4.2][Bug] Layout 'table' not valid working in window for 'input' components
  130. grid.Panel + forceFit show/hide problem
  131. Buffered store.findExact() throw Object [object Object] has no method 'findIndexBy'
  132. Row Body Feature No Longer Working With Buffered Stores
  133. Problem when grouping by a column with a ComboBox editor and render
  134. Ext JS 4.2.0 Beta 2 Now Available
  135. Handle Associated Data in Grid, DataView and Form
  136. Error raised when opening a new window in ExtTop
  137. Store and MixedCollection Remove event out of order
  138. this.$namespace not handling deep namespaces in Ext.app.Application
  139. Ext.rtl.util.Floating is included in built all-classes.js - but no other RTL support
  140. Grid emptyText isn't shown after a first refresh
  141. [] Store "add" event firing contract changed
  142. [] beginBulkUpdate missing on locking view
  143. RTL scheduler
  144. Infinite Scrolling: PageMap asked for range which it does not have
  145. searchfield
  146. onPageMapClear: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot convert null to object
  147. [4.2.0 RC 1] class loading behavior changed?
  148. explorer dump in portal demo with Extjs4.2
  149. [4.2.0 beta 2] a very simple/small remoter grid: performance compare to 3.4.x
  150. [Ext:4.2.0 Beta] Weird things happen after clicking headers of grid in IE8
  151. [Ext: 4.2.0 Beta] Tree panel bug
  152. [Ext: 4.2.0 Beta 2] Any ideas how to improve tree panel performance in IE?
  153. [4.2.0 beta 2] ComponentLoader: should not disableCaching be overridden?
  154. Store.findExact throws error in an Infinite grid in Ext4.2 beta
  155. small request about loading scripts
  156. [] NodeInterface
  157. Now Available - Ext JS 4.2 RC - Hello Neptune!
  158. New Neptune Theme - Looks Awesome - IE8 big Memory Leak?
  159. how to: debug Layout run failed
  160. [4.2.0 RC] [SenchaCmd 3.1.0] Quicker CSS compiling
  161. [Ext-] Why use ext.js file must with bootstrap.js,but ext-debug.js does not.
  162. [] bufferedrenderer grids on same store, store reload breaks row selection
  163. 4.2 RC Scheduler
  164. [4.2.0-489] Upgrading from 4.2.0-265 and Sencha Cmd
  165. 4.2.0 RC1 Buffered Scrolling does not release memory
  166. 4.2.0 RC Record set method take more time than 4.1
  167. [] Small changes to the classic theme
  168. Problems building themes
  169. [4.2] Ext.window.Window not use property 'focusOnToFront'
  170. Card Layout with animation
  171. How to get value from json response to store particular node in combo box in extjs4.1
  172. [4.2 RC] Missing reset CSS rules for Chrome
  173. [4.2 RC] suggested locationfor sass for extended (custom) components
  174. [4.2 RC] custom theme compiles before parent theme
  175. vbox layout for a nested tabpanel fails to render grid
  176. 4.2 Beta Link not working
  177. [4.2 RC] Theme resources don't copy to build/resources
  178. [] Grid features not attaching events.
  179. [4.2.0-489] Putitng generated Javascript at the bottom of the page.
  180. [BUG] Ext- Locking Column Row Editing Example
  181. Extreme Frustration with 4.2, Sencha CMD
  182. [] Ext.view.TableChunker
  183. Ext.grid.plugin.DivRenderer plugin with Grouping feature
  184. afterSubTpl in ComboBox
  185. Please do something to better explain "Layout run failed" errors.
  186. IE9 not displaying sprites by default
  187. Are there ever going to be useful events on Ext.data.Model ?
  188. Maximum Width For Resizing Locked Column
  189. [] loadMask:false doesn't affect locked grids during store reload
  190. [4.2.0-489] Unit testing controllers - specifically event handlers
  191. Parsing Nested array value in json response problem i
  192. [cmd] Ate my tag
  193. CellEditing plugin with Locked Grid and adding a new record fails
  194. Where can I get link for EXTJS download?
  195. Ext.String.trim has bug?
  196. Sencha app build for sass folder does not carry over paths specified in app.js
  197. Customer Support 4.2.0 download link
  198. Sencha Cmd for ExtJS 4.2.0 release?
  199. quick tip stuck after mousing off of tree panel
  200. Is there a jsb file available in ext 4.2
  201. Extjs blank theme?
  202. Bug with Ext.ux.dataView.DragSelector
  203. missing images?
  204. Outdated documentation
  205. App.scss path problem in ExtJS 4.2
  206. Section 508 Compliance / ARIA
  207. Sencha CMD - Theme Creation/Editing
  208. whether extjs4.1 application will support in iPad Browser and Android Tablet Browser
  209. Icons
  210. Difference between store created with Ext.Create or using this.getStoreNameStore() ?
  211. Sencha CMD - compiling app
  212. Tab styling variance from 4.1.1 to 4.2
  213. checkboxgroup lost the name property?
  214. Missing all.scss files?
  215. [BUG] htmleditor search for the font selector although enableFont is set to false
  216. Usage of new ExtJS 4.2 bufferedrenderer Grid
  217. Failed to upgrade to extjs 4.2.0 from 4.1.1a
  218. EXTJS 4.2 gpl link broken
  219. Window not rendering properly in viewport in exts 4.2
  220. Window layout difference between 4.1.1 and 4.2
  221. [EXTJSIV-9216 OPEN] Buffered Renderer and FiltersFeature UX
  222. Testing Jsonp
  223. Error in onMouseEnter on Sprites
  224. Worked in 4.0.7, not in 4.2 - Overwriting panel body prevents adding items
  225. Locking Grid in IE is shifting to the left on cell click.
  226. Difference between sencha provided and generated themes
  227. Is it possible to have multiple columns in grid group
  228. Issues with data displaying on grid after migrating from 4.1 to 4.2
  229. Migration Guide 4.1 -> 4.2
  230. Invalid Forum specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrato
  231. Is Ext 4.2 released?
  232. Problem with panel witdh on Fit layout
  233. loadData gives error
  234. [4.2] Missing method removeRange in Ext.util.LruCache class
  235. qtips in IE10
  236. Button text size in Neptune
  237. [4.2] IE 10 grouped column headers
  238. MessageBox doesn't size properly in 4.2
  239. [BUG] Ext 4.2.0 datefield does not respect format when jsonSubmit set to true
  240. What is difference between extjs and sencha
  241. 4.2 grid with cell checkcolumn no work
  242. Why the white spaces between items in a accordion panel are different?
  243. Clarification on SASS and Theming in 4.2.0
  244. can anybody give idea best way to develop hybrid app using extjs and sencha
  245. Grid Editor not working
  246. ComboBox forces Store with remote filtering to load on render
  247. Performance hit when loading nodes in a tree
  248. Error on submitting a form
  249. Is Sencha Cmd necessary to create a custom theme in Ext 4.2?
  250. Creating Drag and Drop from a tree view