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  1. Sticky Thread Answered: Sticky: Ext JS 5.0.1 GA is Now Available

    Today we are pleased to announce the availability of Ext JS 5.0.1! This maintenance release contains many bug fixes and a handful of important...

    Started by dongryphon, 7 Aug 2014 9:22 AM
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  1. Answered: Invalid grid layout - (1 Participant)

    Does anybody know if grid have fixed all layout issues? What I find is grid layout issue on desktop browsers (Chromium, Firefox. Chrome on Win 8.1...

    Started by Zdeno, 22 Oct 2014 4:00 PM
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  2. Unanswered: form in panel and window returns different results - (1 Participant)

    Hi I have a simple REST backed app (simplified fiddle). The Main page has a grid and a details panel. Here I can List, Update and Delete records. To...

    Started by rhubarb65, 9 Oct 2014 7:11 AM
    form, handler, model, window
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  3. Unanswered: [Ext 5.0.1] Extjs 5 and play! framework 1.2 - (1 Participant)

    Hi, My previous post helped a lot me to understand how to transfom the source code from extjs 4 to extjs 5 for my project. Now, i want to go...

    Started by bourbourg, 19 Oct 2014 9:32 AM
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  4. Unanswered: How to get cell, row, or record when mouse pointing over grid?

    Which api I should call to get any of the following, cell, row, or record from mouse coordinate when over a grid?

    Started by SebTardif, Today 10:17 AM
    grid, mouse coordinate
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  5. Unanswered: Kitchen sink Association Example is not working in local server. - (1 Participant)

    Hi All, I'am trying to execute the Association example present in Data binding of Kitchensink example in Extjs5. But I'am not able to get the data...

    Started by Rockz, Today 5:09 AM
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  6. Unanswered: Are the filter events Update, Activate, Deactivate actually implemented?

    I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to hook into the 'update', 'activate', and 'deactivate' events that supposedly exist on grid filters...

    Started by jhoweaa, Today 10:02 AM
    events, grid
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  7. Unanswered: Grid Filter Feature (4.2) vs Grid Filter Plugin (5.x) issues

    I'm trying to upgrade an Ext JS 4.2 application to use Ext JS 5.0.1. For the most part I have things working, but the one area causing me grief is...

    Started by jhoweaa, Today 9:37 AM
    grid filters
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  8. Unanswered: LoadMask on container disappears on Window.hide() ?

    When a LoadMask is set on a generic container (Ext.container.Container), it just works great. Now, if you open a window (Ext.window.Window) and...

    Started by gfrenoy, Today 8:47 AM
    hide, loadmask, window
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  9. Unanswered: HOW TO remoteSort multiple columns? - (1 Participant)

    Hi: How do I get ext js grid to send multiple sort columns in the request? Atm its only one sort param and direction; regardless if...

    Started by juanbill, 21 Oct 2014 4:09 PM
    multiple columns, remotesort
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  10. Answered: Store's event "write" not firing when 'autosync = false'

    Hello ExtJS developers! As the title says, when I try to capture the "write" event in a store it's only fired when autosync is true. Is...

    Started by benoror, Today 6:33 AM
    autosync, events, store, write
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  11. Unanswered: DefaultValue for a Field with reference property - (1 Participant)

    Hi: I want to know how can I set a defaultValue in a field of a model class with reference to other entity (model). I mean: ...

    Started by oorduz.ps, 22 Oct 2014 8:07 AM
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  12. Unanswered: is a buffered store with autoload false possible.?

    We want to manage infinite scrolling ourselves, so autoload on false so we can push data in the buffered store. What events can we use to handle...

    Started by longshot_nl, Today 4:24 AM
    autoload, buffered store, infinite scrolling
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  13. Unanswered: Root Node Text not Displaying - (1 Participant)

    Greetings: I have the following store: Ext.define('WebApp.store.PraFolderStore',{ extend: 'Ext.data.TreeStore', model:...

    Started by TampaBay55, Yesterday 11:55 AM
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  14. Unanswered: FiltersFeature.js - 404 Not Found

    Hello, We are migrating a Web Application from ExtJs 4 to ExtJs 5. We had to change some paths inside the index.html to get rid of some "404...

    Started by keltik, Today 2:14 AM
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  15. Unanswered: Error on reading XML response of a form submit - (1 Participant)

    Hi there, I am currently upgrading a form initially written in ExtJS 3 to the current version. Most of it works now, but I am still struggling to...

    Started by llox, 22 Oct 2014 12:25 AM
    • Replies: 2
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  16. Unanswered: Datepicker with different formats - (1 Participant)

    Hello, I am working with the datepicker component but when I send the value, I am looking this format: 2014-10-27T23:00:00.000Z Other...

    Started by inane, Yesterday 12:03 PM
    date, datepicker, extjs, javascript, sencha-touch
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  17. Unanswered: I have problem with store and cookies. - (1 Participant)

    I add a session in cookies after login form: var expiry = new Date(now.getTime() + 600 * 1000); Ext.util.Cookies.set("ssid",...

    Started by treasury, Yesterday 1:35 AM
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  18. Answered: how to prevent tooltip showing in treepanel - (2 Participants)

    I have a treepanel which store I populate from json. And there is such a field in json as 'qtip'. And there is an interesting behaviour of treepanel,...

    Started by Leshicus, 17 Oct 2014 9:05 AM
    • Replies: 7
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  19. Unanswered: how do i add logo & navbar in north - (2 Participants)

    hi concern! i have installed feed viewer application on my website, i want to add navbar & logo in north, how & where can i add logo & navbar, i...

    Started by charanzia, 18 Oct 2014 4:42 AM
    • Replies: 8
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  20. Unanswered: Chart Preview: Include Legend - (1 Participant)

    Hello, My first question here. I use exjts 5.0.1 and the sencha-charts package. I use the method preview and it succesfully displays the chart....

    Started by _philipp_, Yesterday 1:12 AM
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