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  1. Sticky Thread Answered: Sticky: Ext JS 5.0.1 GA is Now Available

    Today we are pleased to announce the availability of Ext JS 5.0.1! This maintenance release contains many bug fixes and a handful of important...

    Started by dongryphon, 7 Aug 2014 9:22 AM
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  1. Unanswered: Nested model with binding leads to create/update difference

    Hi all, Considering we have a Model "User" which contains a Model "Address" (one-to-one) : In an "update" situation, when I use a reader to get...

    Started by vbueb, Today 12:35 AM
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  2. Unanswered: Using hasMany Association not giving me data for my nested xml

    I am getting nested xml from the server <row id=1> <category> <CategoryId>1</CategoryId> <CategoryName>test</CategoryName> </category> </row>...

    Started by piyushbhati, Today 12:02 AM
    associations, hasmany, xml
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  3. Answered: Charts in testing and production

    Extjs 5.0.1255 SenchaCMD v5.0.2.***/v5.0.3.324 Chrome/FF Chart works wonderfully in normal deploy. But build has error in test: Unrecognized...

    Started by taron133, Yesterday 8:22 AM
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  4. Unanswered: ExtJS4 to ExtJS5 migration - ext-all-debug.js - cacheRefEls-function TypeError

    I am migrating a project from ExtJS4 to ExtJS5. I am getting a TypeError, but i dont know where in my code a call to this function could probably...

    Started by keltik, Yesterday 11:25 PM
    extjs4, extjs5, migration, typeerror
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  5. Unanswered: Tile Layout in ExtJS like windows 8 desktop

    Hi, I am trying to create a windows 8 Tile view in ExtJs. With the Table layout I tried. If all tiles are same size then no issues. but I have 3...

    Started by shilpay, Yesterday 11:24 PM
    tile layout
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  6. Answered: 3rd level binding with model - (1 Participant)

    Hi, It seems like if we bind a Model which contains an association (instead of a plain JS Object), we cannot not properly read/write the...

    Started by vbueb, Yesterday 4:32 AM
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  7. Unanswered: How to compile .SCSS without CMD - (1 Participant)

    Hi, I'd like to compille my .scss files without use sencha cmd. How can I use compass to compile .scss files? It is possible?

    Started by eliezerreis, Yesterday 1:38 AM
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  8. Unanswered: TextArea with a custom dropdown to select users when I type @username - (1 Participant)

    Are there example/components that allows to select an item from a popup list while still typing in a texxtArea or simple input field? The Search...

    Started by oburlaca, 29 Oct 2014 1:59 PM
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  9. Answered: Javascript in production index.html - (3 Participants)

    I recently upgraded to ExtJS 5.0.1 from 5.0.0 and I am seeing a lot of javascript in my index.html in my build/production/ directory after I run a...

    Started by bclinton, 28 Oct 2014 6:36 PM
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  10. Unanswered: Why isn't routing a mixin?

    Hi, why is routing provided through ViewController instead of through a mixin? For events you mix in Observable rather than extending some kind of...

    Started by j.ashworth, Yesterday 4:10 PM
    architecture, mixin, router, routing, viewcontroller
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  11. Unanswered: Theme bug with extjs-checkbox-ui? - (1 Participant)

    I'm playing around with creating a custom UI for my checkboxes. One of the things I want to do is change the color of the label. There is a parameter...

    Started by jhoweaa, 27 Oct 2014 7:30 AM
    checkbox, theme
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  12. Unanswered: Managing Third-Party Libraries for ExtJS 5 Apps and Packages

    My company is transitioning to ExtJS 5 for web app development. We've created a site repository on our Nexus server for hosting our custom ExtJS...

    Started by Andrew Wagner, Yesterday 10:12 AM
    gradle, node, npm, package, third party
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  13. Exclamation Unanswered: Firebug 2.0 breaks ExtJS - (14 Participants)

    HEy, I have multiple different Ext applications. After updating today to the newest version of Firebug 2.0 none work anymore. (Starting from 3.1...

    Started by KajaSheen, 11 Jun 2014 7:26 AM
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  14. Unanswered: Persisting and rejecting changes to different levels of a hierarchical association

    Hi, I'm facing a very critical issue where I can't persist my data to the server. I am building a dashboard where the user can create new...

    Started by dushan.fernando, Yesterday 8:39 AM
    hierarchical models, model associations, models with associations, saving associations
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  15. Unanswered: Binded & buffered store doesn't display in simple grid

    Hi, I'm trying to use a simple binded store from the ViewModel in my View. If the store is not buffered, that works perfectly. But as soon as I...

    Started by mlhotellerie, Yesterday 7:23 AM
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  16. Unanswered: Sencha Charts - Axis questions

    I'm trying to learn the new Sencha Charts and I have two code questions about the nightly build, see below, Ext.define('Ext.chart.axis.Axis', { ...

    Started by LesJ, 29 Oct 2014 6:58 AM
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  17. Unanswered: is a buffered store with autoload false possible.? - (2 Participants)

    We want to manage infinite scrolling ourselves, so autoload on false so we can push data in the buffered store. What events can we use to handle...

    Started by longshot_nl, 24 Oct 2014 4:24 AM
    autoload, buffered store, infinite scrolling
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  18. Unanswered: ExtJS 5 with .Net MVC 4 - (2 Participants)

    Hi everyone How to you use ExtJS 5 with .Net MVC 4? Is there any instruction to follow and create startup project? I found somthing...

    Started by 0809nikoloz, 29 Oct 2014 4:46 AM
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  19. Unanswered: Can ViewModel chained stores use different model? With different "convert?

    I have a store defined. In two different ViewModels I want to use the data from the store. I need to convert the data from one field to two...

    Started by worthlutz, Yesterday 5:23 AM
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  20. Unanswered: Grid Filter Feature (4.2) vs Grid Filter Plugin (5.x) issues - (1 Participant)

    I'm trying to upgrade an Ext JS 4.2 application to use Ext JS 5.0.1. For the most part I have things working, but the one area causing me grief is...

    Started by jhoweaa, 24 Oct 2014 9:37 AM
    grid filters
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