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  1. Sticky Thread Answered: Sticky: Ext JS 5.0.1 GA is Now Available

    Today we are pleased to announce the availability of Ext JS 5.0.1! This maintenance release contains many bug fixes and a handful of important...

    Started by dongryphon, 7 Aug 2014 9:22 AM
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  1. Unanswered: Container add() method unexpected error?

    Hello, I am trying to add an Ext.draw.Container instance to an Ext.panel.Panel via the .add method: panel.add(Ext.create('Ext.draw.Container', {...

    Started by andrew.chicago, Today 11:38 AM
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  2. Answered: Override 'fieldset' config checkboxToggle - (1 Participant)

    I want override de config 'checkboxToggle' at the form field "fieldset", so that instead collapsed the fieldset, make their childs fields...

    Started by josei, 17 Sep 2014 7:16 AM
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  3. Unanswered: Problem: Mixing of structure and state information in treenodes - (4 Participants)

    Use case: Assume, you have a address store and a category treestore. Each treenode in the treestore has the checked attribute. The treestore is...

    Started by MiddleBrain, 6 Apr 2014 3:34 AM
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  4. Answered: How to link listeners in view to method in controller?

    Hi! I´m new to Ext and trying to learn from the docs and demos. In the default app created by Sencha CMD I added a treepanel to to the west region...

    Started by kallesamuelsson, Today 1:42 AM
    itemclick, listners, treepanel
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  5. Unanswered: Eclipse plugin: when will be updated to Ext 5? - (6 Participants)

    Hi. Seems that Sencha Architect support for Ext 5 will not be ready for some time so I have no alternative other to start to hand write Ext 5...

    Started by ssamayoa, 2 Jun 2014 7:28 AM
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  6. Exclamation Unanswered: Plugin gridfilter, how send parameter type?

    at plugin gridfilter, how to send parameter type, now only send property,operator and value, missing type and filter type date ignore the dateFormat

    Started by benyhapper, 2 Sep 2014 4:45 AM
    gridfilter send type
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  7. Unanswered: "dropped"-state of model is not reset on model.reject()

    If I call "drop()" on a clean model in my store, the model is removed from the store. Then I call "rejectChanges()" on the store and the model gets...

    Started by stephanschuster, Today 4:18 AM
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  8. Unanswered: Order by grid summary?

    Is it possible to order by the calculated summary value in a grid?

    Started by Lanetalk, Today 4:13 AM
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  9. Unanswered: session:true showing changes on store load - (2 Participants)

    The config of session:true in a viewmodel for a store makes the session think that there are changes when the store loads, ...

    Started by pscanlon1, 17 Sep 2014 10:25 AM
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  10. Question Unanswered: Background images with #DDDDDD

    Hi All, I am using neptune theme and I have modified background-color #DDDDDD, so my application background-color is #DDDDDD. I have a...

    Started by jocatastar, Today 2:32 AM
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  11. Answered: Warning message when building extjs via sencha cmd - (1 Participant)

    I generate an ext js web application by using sencha cmd like sencha -sdk "ext-5.0.1" generate app MyApp ./ Then build ext js like sencha app...

    Started by cwtuan, 15 Sep 2014 9:35 PM
    sencha cmd
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  12. Unanswered: How to load associated data. - (1 Participant)

    How do I load the Address of this person? var p=new Person(); p.getAddress()??? With associated data there is not an easy way to load these...

    Started by pscanlon1, Yesterday 9:57 AM
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  13. Unanswered: How to display a referenced field to a grid - (1 Participant)

    How to display a referenced field to a grid ? I have a grid and I want to display the name of a referenced object. How use a reference in a...

    Started by romainpicxi, Yesterday 5:27 AM
    association, grid, model, reference
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  14. Unanswered: How to know if there are any pending records to be updated in a store ?

    Hello, I have a grid Panel where I am displaying number of records. There are 2 button, 'Update' and 'Close'. If we will click the 'close'...

    Started by Sencha_NoVoice, Yesterday 11:56 PM
    extjs 5.x
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  15. Unanswered: Store reloads after adding (remote) filter

    Hi guys, Not sure whether this is a bug, or just some changed behavior in Ext Js 5. After upgrading from Ext Js 4 to 5 I'm struggling with the...

    Started by mdb, Yesterday 12:17 PM
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  16. Unanswered: Rowediting rejecting changes made to a field that was not defined in its model class

    Hi, I have a grid with the "rowediting" plugin. When I edit a cell that represents a field that was not defined in its model class, the changes...

    Started by araad, Yesterday 9:11 PM
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  17. Unanswered: Empty Text Not Removed on Focus in IE9

    I am currently updating code from ExtJs 4.2.2 to ExtJs 5.0.1. I notice that when using IE9 and initially give focus to a textfield that has its...

    Started by Schindler86, Yesterday 8:52 PM
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  18. Unanswered: Ext.grid.filters.Filters not working on a grid with associated store

    When using the "gridfilters" plugin on a grid that references an associated store, the data seems to disappear from the grid. When I use the same...

    Started by araad, Yesterday 8:06 PM
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  19. Unanswered: Error when clicking grid with empty text configured and no data in IE9

    We are continuing our migration from extjs 4.2 to 5.0.0. We have encountered quite a few errors in IE9. One of these errors occurs when a grid that...

    Started by Schindler86, Yesterday 7:04 PM
    error, extjs5, grid
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  20. Answered: Where can I download extjs 5.0.2. - (2 Participants)

    Hi all: Where can I download extjs 5.0.2, can provide download address or page?

    Started by lweiyis, 17 Sep 2014 10:26 PM
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