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  1. tomalex0

    I thought to start this Group as i was curious about how many are using Sencha Products

    1. Please introduce yourself here.
    2. Mention what all sencha products that you are using.

    First of all i will introduce myself

    I'm Thomas Alexander from Kerala, i have been using sencha products for 2 years.
    Mainly with Extjs and Sencha Touch, but sometimes i used to try out the Sencha Animator .
  2. coolsegi
    Hi Thomas,

    I am Arvind Arora from Delhi. I started using sencha recently. Infact I am new to html environment itself, I am basically into flash actionscript development.
    I mainly use sencha touch for ipad development.
  3. siva565
    well guys...
    this is siva from Hyderabad.i have been using Extjs for 6 months for web development.. Extjs really nice i like it more.. i don't have idea about Sencha touch application.. can u suggest some fast learning tips..
  4. Bhavesh Gupta
    Bhavesh Gupta

    This is Bhavesh from Hyderabad. I have been using ExtJs for more than 2 years. It is really an amazing tool. My company Walkingtree Consultancy( is official training partner of Sencha. We have developed lots of custom components also.
    Feel free to ask any kind of Sencha related questions.


  5. Hgopal
    I am Gopal from Chennai. I have start using Sencha Touch very recently. We are developing web application mainly to support devices like IPAD, BlackBerry, Android, etc., And also we have some web application already developed in ASP.NET, Silverlight, JSP, etc., client need to have those application in IPAD with native look and feel.

    We are also looking into Phonegap as part of our next assignment.
  6. vertex
    Hi i am samy from coimbatore,TN

    I have been using Ext js for last 6 months.In that i am developing a the best ERP Solutions for spinning Mills.....
  7. Mohammed Illiyas
    Mohammed Illiyas
    hi all, this is mohammed illiyas, i start using sencha touch recently for developing app for iphone and ipad's.............
  8. RashmiBhadsawle
    I am Rashmi Bhadsawle from Vadodara,Gujarat.
    I have been using Ext Js for 6 months (with Ruby on Rails ).
  9. nilesh.chavan
    I am Nilesh Chavan from pune. I am working on Sencha Touch with PhoneGap to develop crossplatform mobile application.
  10. Sweta Patil
    Sweta Patil
    Hi all,
    This is Sweta Patil from Pune.....
    I am new to Sencha Touch..... I have been using Sencha Touch since 3 months to develop crossplatform mobile application.....
    Sencha touch is really awesome.... it's UI is the one best UI of touch screen applications.... I am loving working on Sencha Touch....
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