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  1. The best code example is at This is the one that I used, though I have the impression that it isn't the "right" or intended approach. My...
  2. Nope. Never did figure it out. My guess is that its a bug. You might post a bug report....
  3. I'm trying to get the height of a DualListField to expand vertically to take up the maximum space. It's not working. Wonder what I might be doing wrong. Any help much appreciated.

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    Hi, Just wondering why you don't use the mask code anymore. Did you find what seems a better alternative? Thanks
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    Just used your code. Seems to work very well. Thanks. Wonder if there is an updated version. Is there? The only thing so far that I think I would change is to have the input cursor placed at the...
  6. Thought I should post my non working code..... I've tried putting my getState() and saveState() calls both before and after adding my panels to the container. Neither works. :(

  7. I am having the same problem. Did you find a fix? Thanks!
  8. I finally got my code working using the work around approach at This approach doesn't use a BeanModelReader. Instead, it...
  9. Sigh. Lord knows I've tried. You are probably much better at this than me. Maybe I'll learn something here. Been at it over 16 hours now. Plus another of our guys spent about a half day. I can't...
  10. I looked in the help forum first. I found no help there. There was a guy reporting a similar problem, but there was no solution ever posted. In the examples there is a working async TreeGrid example,...
  11. When using BeanModel and Java Beans, TreeGrid fails to load. A zip file with a zipped eclipse project is attached. To make the zip file small, I stripped out the following:

    gxt.jar from lib/...
  12. First, please excuse the fact that my posted source code isn't run-able. I don't know how to easily insert an rpc call into sample code. A tip on doing this would be helpful.

    When I run the code:...
  13. I don't know what the right terminology is for this. For TreeTable, when you invoke node expansion, the node name goes to italics until the expansion has finished, giving feed back indicating...
  14. I'm using GXT 2.0.1 (which is a beautiful thing, btw), and setMinWidth still has no effect for me. Using sven's workaround. Thanks
  15. This bug is still present in RC1. Will it be fixed in the final release? Thanks -Chuck
  16. Beautiful! Yes, that worked, i.e. calling "viewport.layout()" after adding the component, both in my test case and in my code. Thanks!
  17. Well, still plugging away. Did as you suggested (I think anyway). This time, after I push the button that adds the tab panel, the tab panel doesn't appear:

    package com.embarq.basicgxtapp.client;...
  18. Since you suggested adding the tab item dynamically, instead of using hide/show, I modified the originally posted code to do the former (see below). Same problem. Maybe I'm not understanding.

  19. I've tried calling layout() all over the place so far with no success. what should I call layout() on? Thanks, Thanks, Thanks.......
  20. Versions:
    GXT 1.2.4
    GWT 1.5.3

    Both web and hosted mode.

    A button on the bottom of a form previously hidden is only partially visible at the bottom of its parent viewport. Re-sizing the...
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    We plan to move to GWT 1.6 when GXT2.0 is fully released. The current 2.0 release is tagged M1. I assume that this means "Milestone 1". In general, what is the status of 2.0? Will there be additional...
  22. Any hints no matter how slight would be greatly appreciated. By myself I'm getting nowhere. Thanks -Chuck
  23. My application uses a TreeTable whose parent Window is resizeable and has a FitLayout. I do not set the size of the TreeTable, so it resizes automatically to the size of the parent Window. The...
  24. Env:
    GWT 1.5.3
    GXT 1.2.3
    Hosted Mode

    If the container of a TreeTable is initially hidden using hide(), if show() is invoked on the container after the app is rendered, the contents of the...
  25. I need to be able to hide and unhide columns in my TreeTable programmatically. I have a list of columns that I want to hide or unhide and I run the follow code against them:

    protected void...
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