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  1. Hi PMbseddon, thank you for your reply.

    I downloaded the 30 day trial of Sencha Complete, but I didn't see SenchaCmd within the 'complete' bundle - maybe it's not so complete after all ? :-/
  2. Hi,

    I have an Eclipse project that was created using the Google App Engine plugin, all of the web-services are pretty much setup as I planned.

    Now I would like to add some ExtJS code, but after...
  3. Or maybe there's a bug in ExtJS where only the state information is sent to the server, ignoring the usual cookie information (i.e. JSESSIONID)?
  4. Hi,

    I noticed that when I use older versions of Internet Explorer (pre IE 9) that my web app fails to execute properly, it appears that the cookie information passed to the server suddenly drops...
  5. Hi,

    I have a Window with a form embedded within it (xtype:'form'), within that it has a single file-field (xtype:'filefield').

    Q1 - When I submit the form it uploads a CSV file and what I would...
  6. Thanks again,

    It turned out that there were two issues.

    The first was exactly as you said, my style properties were invalid (it worked in other browsers except IE) and once that was fixed, I...
  7. I am using the CSS that comes with EXT-JS, the only variation to this is a block of inline CSS...

    <style type="text/css">
    .grid-row-buy {background-color : lightblue...
  8. (as an experiment I upgraded to 4.0.7 without any improvement, so I'm sure it's something to do with the layout of some components, but pointers on how to diagnose this will be appreciated. My...
  9. Hi,

    Thanks for the speedy reply. Unfortunately in Internet Explorer most of the call stack shows anonymous functions, but this chunk of code...

    setStyle : function(prop, value){
  10. Nice idea, but there's no improvement - I still get the error message whether IE is in compatibility mode or not.
  11. Yes, I did, based on recommendations that I read on various pages to prevent IE going in to 'compatability' mode.

    <!--[if i]><![endif]-->
    <!DOCTYPE html><html><head>
  12. Hi,

    I've got a web app that's working perfectly in most browsers, but, oddly Internet Explorer is giving me the following error:

    Webpage error details

    User Agent: Mozilla/4.0...
  13. Hi,

    In this scenario I can send back some XML as I can modify the existing server code. Does the XML has to satisfy a structure for success elements and suchlike - or is this optional?

  14. Hi,

    I have a form that includes a file upload field, when the form is submitted I get a message that states

    I can resolve this by using the standardSubmit:true, but that's not what I need,...
  15. Thank you for your replies regarding performance, however with no code changes between version 4.0.2 a and version 4.1.1, I wonder why 4.1.1 is significantly slower?

    I will of course take your...
  16. I'm just wondering whether this has been looked into (have I done something silly, or has ExtJS performance decreased?).

    Thank you,
  17. Yes, although it's probably not what you would consider 'small'!

    First, a screen shot to help explain what I am trying to achieve


    My observations are the following:

    The combo...
  18. Note that I read the article here and it doesn't mention anything more than copying the page analyzer to the server and then...
  19. Hi,

    I had a couple of minor bugs in ExtJS that I felt might have been fixed between v4.0.2a and v4.1.1, so today I decided to download v4.1.1 and was really disappointed to see a massive reduction...
  20. I wanted to provide some feedback for what I have working. Basically I created

    The DataStore I setup to use a memory proxy.

    Then when my Backbone models fire...
  21. Hi,

    I am using an existing JavaScript API that has its own MVC implementation (BackBone), what I would like to do is plug it in to ExtJS creating some sort of BackBone to ExtJS data store (?)...
  22. This is what I'm aiming for

    Basically my order and trade blotter are both in the centre panel of the main panel, are you saying that any child panels within the centre panel can't have...
  23. Hi,

    I've got a viewport with a border layout, in each region I have collapsible panels, one of those panels also has another border layout with two collapsible panels within it.

    When a panel is...
  24. Replies
    I am using EXT JS 4, with Ext Designer version 1.2.3 Build 50.

    I'm trying to add the configuration detailed in this thread within my Ajax Proxy's Component Config ( 'filter or quick value set...'...
  25. I haved used designer to create my json store, but store.recordType is undefined for me too (store is okay).
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