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  1. Hi,

    I use Ext
    The problem is already reported as bug
    You can simply compare Advanced DataView...
  2. Temporary fixed with:
    Ext.define('App.overrides.view.NavigationModel', {
    override: 'Ext.view.NavigationModel',
    focusItem: function(item) {
    if (this.view.focusable) {
  3. In regards to thread I tried disable focusable behaviour on dataview. All browsers except Internet Explorer 11 works fine. First I though the...
  4. Any idea why focusable mixin does not work in IE 11? Same configuration works fine in Chrome / Firefox.
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    Is possible release this fix in beta channel? What I see from there isnt any beta version. Thanks in advance

    Edit: Is this fix in latest nightly ?
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    I'm not sure if the error is in framework or Cmd but with two latest versions of Sencha Cmd I get wrong localization in production build.

    Currently I know about 2 errors:

    config: {
  7. Every member who pay for support get access to nightly builds which contain new stuff, bugfixes etc. Other people like you need wait till new GA.
  8. This mouse is Windows alternative for Magic Mouse.
  9. Thats bad because with this device I get error in all ExtJS 5.1 apps. ExtJS 5.0 is without this error.

    a) I get an error. So looks like problem isnt in extension but probably in drivers?
  10. After I installed Logitech T620 to my OS Windows 8.1 64 bit Ent, installer automatically installed drivers and some extensions. When I tried run any ExtJS app (and I mean any e.g....
  11. Hi, do you have any solution for the problem with text variables in toolbar scss? Custom theme extends neutral theme. Everything works well except rules with text- prefix. There is already thread...
  12. Did you try latest nightly build? I dont see any error in your case.
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    Huh why so complicated structure? You can return simplest structure like

    {success: false, feedback: "Error Message.."} instead of another object inside result. Anyway you could use following...
  14. Fix for what? Just download latest version. I dont have any problem with Ext.Msg anymore.
  15. I see one big issue there... when you have complex class with deep structures - in my case panel with fbar where is attachment button passed on you need go trough this structure to find if it...
  16. Yeah I understand why this happen. Im only looking at solution to solve this problem :). Looks like the best would be forward button to fired event and then conditionally compare if panel / view...
  17. gf4
  18. I can only agree with Mitchell. Flexibility is plus in big apps.

    To Mitch: Ill take a look at my code and let you know. Not sure what Im doing wrong. I always get multiple calls.
  19. Ah ok. Lets have following code:

    1) Simple menu button with controller and handler

    Ext.define('MyApp.view.Button', {
    extend: 'Ext.button.Button',

    alias: 'widget.myapp-button',
  20. Any progress on this problem? Basically when I change color by $toolbar-text-color everything is fine, however when I try change anything with text- prefix nothing change. Horizontal / vertical...
  21. Hi Mitch, are there any limitations? I use container/toolbar with button on 4 tabs. When I simply put console log to listener, I see the event was fired 4 times even I clicked on active tab button...
  22. Dataviews on tabs with shared store (probably better solution would be use chained store). When I switch tab I set filter with:

    _setActiveFilter: function (typeID) {
    var store =...
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    I dont care about npm modules. When I read the article with description how you can build your package, what I seen were external dll libraries thats need to be shipped with your app...
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    Aye I read that article. Whats about additional libraries?
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    Node-webkit looks nice however i see one big problem - missing packager for the app. TideSDK had / have similar issue - you get exe file with icon etc. however without installed SDK app did not work...
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