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  1. For some reason
    xtype: list won't scroll when iOS voice over support (for accessibility) is enabled. I know its because the list uses ST scroller not the browser scrolling behavior. Is there any...
  2. @Surykat Thanks you saved my day. Really appreciate it, for putting the workaround/patch/update
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  4. @appglu - you saved my day. Your temporary solution seems to fix the issue. Thanks
  5. I'm using Sencha Touch 2.0 (Build date: 2012-06-04 15:34:28 (d81f71da2d56f5f71419dc892fbc85685098c6b7)
  6. I have the following code

    xtype: 'fieldset',
    title: 'Enter Card Details',
    defaults: {
    required: true
    items: [
  7. @ahcnse i think its something to do with your sench-touch.js file, can you try including sencha-touch-all.js and check?
    btw, here is my index.html file

    <script type="text/javascript"...
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    I put the following code in my index.html

    <script> // Fix for problem with android 3.x and 4.x which is
    // the browser has a problem with urls with ? and this
    // bug has...
  9. @francescosyd i'm in the same situation, trying to update a html element, 1st time it works fine after that it never updates. can u plz. shed some lights on this?

  10. @shanesmith: YOU ARE THE MAN. YOU MADE IT WORK :) THANKS
    Also thanks to luiscortes
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    Yes i followed!/guide/native_android
    to do a native build on android.
    All my classes are within the build (basically i followed the Android Native Packaging...
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    Can someone tell me how to pack sencha touch 2 application in Android 4.x and make it work? I tried the following options (nothing seems to work for me)

    i have the following script in my...
  13. hhhmmmm.... looks like thatz my only option. thanks for your response.
  14. Actually i have a question regarding Sencha Touch 2 orientation - Pretty much all the screens in my application are portrait except one screen (lets call it as Landscape Screen). Is there any way to...
  15. @juanhernandezgomez you saved my life!!!
  16. Even I'm stuck here. Any help will be appreciated.
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