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  1. It is strange behavior somehow and seems to be only with FF...
    I have attached more screenshots. It shows and hides under some circumstances. Try with different options in the DOM tab of the Firebug...
  2. Not sure if it is a bug, but can you please clarify if this is a normal behavior:
    I have a window with a border layout and a panel on the west of the window.

    The panel itself is configured with a...
  3. Well Saki, so these public beta releases should live in the examples directory? I think it is confusing.
    If you take a look at the 5.1 API docs now - you will find nothing about the 'colorfield'...
  4. Yeah, Brian, i can see this. But i think this should be already done
  5. Always been confused about the ux components within the framework.. :-?

    With 5.1 Sencha introduced the new ext-ux package:...
  6. A ping 2 months later....
  7. Thanks, Brian.
    Now, suppose that i have a huge complicated project that must be migrated from 4.2.1 to 4.2.2 just to be fixed this small issue?

    What i was asking for, is an advise how to override...
  8. Hello, if i'm right - this bug is described in this thread, also:

  9. Replies
    Hi, today i was looking for exactly the same thing (the difference is that i was looking for a way to show the label instead of hiding it).

    The only way i was able to accomplish it was via the...
  10. Corrected and it is now working as it needs to.
    @bluehipy, it will be my pleasure to give you a beer/s should you have your way in Sofia.
    Thanks, mate.
  11. It seems you are right. The way was wrong from the beginnig and i will start to refactor it immediately. Thanks for your kindly suggestions.
  12. Correct, in fact they have been added for these specifics testing purposes (it is more easily within the console to use Ext.getCmp() ).
    But - it is good to be noted anyway :)
  13. Something that i missed out:Note that i can easily overcome this by setting the appropriate properties to empty arrays, for example like this:

    me.series[0].yField = [];
    me.series[0].title = [];...
  14. This is exactly what happens, i think.
    Well, the code is somehow complicated, but here it is (i have removed the unnecessary parts):

    The chart definition:

  15. Posted a similar thread here, unfortunately, with almost no interest:
  16. As I said, the chart is within a Window, configured with auto destroy: true

    So the entire chart is destroyed, also. It can be found within the component manager when the window is closed
  17. And may be the correct question is - what happens with the axes/series objects of a Ext.chart.Chart when the chart component is destroyed? Are they somehow being preserved and why/where could be seen...
  18. Morning guys,
    can you pls. help me with the following issue:

    I have a simple column-series chart component, which is placed inside an Ext.window to visualize my data reports.
    Everything is...
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    Hi, mentioned that the API docs for 4.x are not updated for the Ext.chart.series.Column object (and also Ext.chart.series.Bar and Ext.chart.series.Line).

    The "title" config option is described as...
  20. Thanks again for your answer, ssamayoa.

    I'm definitely aginst this principle (for the time waste) althought i respect your work manner, of course.
  21. Regarding the decision if my question is meaningless - i still think the Sencha support team should give its opinions, also :)
  22. @ssamayoa
    To be more clear, i suppose you are listening to the requestexception/requestcomplete events of the Ext.Ajax object globally, is that right?

    If so - that means your handler maybe does...
  23. Possible, however in my case there is NO exception, and still there is an error.
  24. 80 views and no reply - may be this one is meaningless, after all...
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    Well xjscrafter,
    i can understand that mitchel is unable to answer you as you really deserve.

    So i will:
    It is true that there is not an ideal world, with ideal things.
    In particular - every...
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