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    Hi mitchellsimoens

    Essentially what I am getting back is Bundle Seed ID is missing from Config File. Although the file and entitlements files are created. the App file does not install on...
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    Mac Snow Leopard
    Windows 7

    Is there a solution to deploying a native build to the iPhone. Successfully deployed to the simulator, but attemps to install app to the iPhone failed....
  3. Hi Kaltman

    I too am developing under Windows 7 and OSX deployment iPhone 5 (iOS 5.0.1). Constantly running into Bundle Seed ID is Missing From Config File. Have you come upon any solutions?

  4. Thank's Boris

    I will just have to keep researching


  5. Hi Bluecode

    These certificate parameters seem to apply only if you are developing on windows for android. Which I was developing on Windows 7 but for IOS. Now I am developing on OSX and again the...
  6. I will try again, also trying to do a native build, "Bundle Seed ID is missing from Config File" I know this issue has also been discussed on the forum but what I could see there was no answers to it...
  7. Hi All,

    Created production build for Sencha Getting Started App. Uploaded app to my web site on the Internet.
    Installed app within Safari on my iPhone 4 (IOS 5.0.1). Load times have gratly...
  8. this is my Sencha Form"

    //this is the new item
    title: 'Contact',
    iconCls: 'user',
    xtype: 'formpanel',
  9. Hi mitchellsimoens

    Yes it appears you must use php which is great. I assume that's Classic ASP you are refering too which is also great. Now developed small prototype based on the Sencha getting...
  10. Hi Kirsten

    After completing some research in this area I too came upon a very interesting link . Please take a look.
  11. Hi

    Currently new to Sencha Touch 2.0. What is the easiest way to read and display data from an ODBC connected database. Example would be appreciated

    Kind Regards

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