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  1. In the app folder there should be a directory called .sencha, that has two subdirectories, each containing, among others, the file sencha.cfg. There you'll find the settings. I've used the CFG-file ...
  2. I've found the solution to my problem. The cause was the path to the ExtJS SDK. It was pointing like this:


  3. I don't think this is machine related issue, I have the same problem on two different machines (one of them with 16 GB RAM).

    Any other clues?


  4. Thanks a lot for the snippet. It works (technically), but it doesnt't deliver the right infromation. It says '100' at approx 90% scroll distance...

    Nevertheless, I'll try to develop on the snippet...
  5. Hm ... not really, as this gives me the distance (in pixels???) from the top point of the view.
    Nevertheless, I need an information / event in the case that the scrollbar hits the bottom end of the...
  6. Dear all,

    I'm trying to define a window with a very simple tabPanel in it - probaly too simple, I guess :).
    Here's the code:

    var settingsWindowHandler = function() {
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