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  1. I had not tried that. Did the trick. I am now able to compile and execute in production as well

    Thanks a bunch!

  2. Trying to use index.php as entry point for my app as opposed to index.html

    I changed the indexHtmlPath in app.json but I get a build error when running "sencha app build":

    Is there a different...
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    I have looked over the blog posts and the responses to the blog posts. I have not found anyone that is saying "yes use 4.1 for production".

    Should we stick with 3.4 even though no new features...
  4. Thanks for the reply. I will checkout your app.

    What I was getting at is a way to only load the classes as they are needed. If they are already loaded, don't reload them. So if you have 200...
  5. We have a system that has a large code base, 8 megs of javascript, 3.5 megs minified. The system has a tabbed interface such that you can look this up in a grid in one tab then when you drill down...
  6. Hello,

    Is there anymore information "best practices" for stopping memory leaks?

    Are there browser specific leaks that cannot be prevented?

    I also have a single page "client/server" type app...
  7. IMHO the correct way to do this is via the second argument to the Record constructor.

    var testId = 123;
    var t = new{TestID: testId, foo: 'bar'}, testId);

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    I posted my solution to this problem on this thread.
  9. I went about this a bit different.

    I used the notifyDrop function of the TreeDropZone and just accessed the lastOverNode to find the node that was dropped "on".

    I had to override the...
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    I have been working with ExtJS for a few days giving it a test drive.

    I ran into a small issue.

    I have a grid similar to the examples in a div like below:

    <div id="grid-panel"...
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