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    I'm trying to animate the size change (width + height) of a component to simulate a "maximize" effect. I've scoured the Ext.Anim docs + source, but haven't found anything that really supports this. ...
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    I have a chart in my application where I plot a line series, and the store's underlying data is changed at run time based on network requests as the user is applying filters. If the filters they...
  3. In my application I have a chart that I reconfigure with different series at runtime based on drill in like actions. When you call chart.setSeries, it hooks up the new series, but the old ones fully...
  4. Ahh I see... I didn't realize that you could use a single series, just configured with an array for the yField config option.

  5. Is part of that URL missing? It's not working for me.

    I tried using that same nightly build you mentioned, along with the fiddle you linked at the beginning of this post (had to change the line...
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