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  1. I think this might be a question for the cordova folks unless it turns out to be architect specific, but everything seems to be working fine for me. I am not running through this in Architect but...
  2. I know 5.1 is causing problems all over the place. The cordova team is planning a iOS specific release that will help patch up all this stuff. I am not sure when it will be out, it might actually...
  3. I am guessing since you are not using phonegap or cordova to package this app that means you are using the packager inside of Sencha CMD, the one that uses packager.json. Admittedly I do not know...
  4. I am assuming you are not running the application inside Safari? Is this a packaged native app or are you just using this as a home screen application?
  5. So this is all fixed? It sounds like you must have had some older files in your original test project?

    I am doubtful we will be pushing images from the sencha folder into the cordova folder in...
  6. hmmm seems like that should all be in order, how about your cordova version?
  7. What version of Sencha CMD are you using. If you just run "sencha" from the prompt it should tell you.
  8. 1. Can you confirm config.xml is in your resources array in your apps app.json? That file should be copied just like any other resource. It should be copied into {project}\cordova\www.

    Unless you...
  9. Alright,

    So I downloaded your zip file and created an empty cordova projects. I copied the contents of your www folder into mine and built for wp8. It worked fine and did not hang on the screen. ...
  10. I got this all setup on my mac in VMware finally and when I ran through it everything worked for me first try. The app started right up and showed me the demo app.

    I am running:
    Sencha CMD...
  11. Alright well thats good, and bad, I guess. Looks like you are getting some errors but they don't seem to be effecting the build right now.

    So lets look into why the Sencha app is hanging in WP8....
  12. Are you able to get cordova to work without any Sencha code or tools at all? So for example can you run the following commands

    1. cordova create TestApp
    2. cd TestApp
    3. cordova platform add wp8...
  13. The select field mimics the way dropdown menus are used in mobile environments. For example if you open safari on iOS or Chrome for android and navigate to any page with a form dropdown you will see...
  14. Just to be sure things are setup correctly are you able to run in wp8 without any sencha touch?

    cordova create ProjectName
    cordova platform add wp8
    cordova build

    Does that work fine without...
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    I assuming you mean you get that when testing locally? If so there is no cordova.js in general WWW folder for cordova.

    cordova.js is different for each platform (android, ios, bb, etc) so it is...
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    Currently there are some issues with Architect and CMD Cordova support but in the next couple of weeks we're releasing a patch that will NOT overwrite the Cordova reference. After this release; we...
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    Can you let me know the version of cordova you are using by running this

    cordova -v

    Can you also attach or link your APK somewhere I can download it to take a look at whats going on?
  18. I was able to get everything back up and running with the following 3 commands. In this order

    $ \curl -L | bash -s stable

    $ xcode-select --install
    $ rvm install 1.9.3
  19. Obviously you will wanna get that whole resources folder out of the build output folder, there are a ton of files in there that would't be very useful for deployment. As far as why this is failing I...
  20. Yeah you will need to get the Cordova stuff working before any of our integration will work with it. I am not sure why it is trying to use any of those files, what you could try it clearing out the...
  21. When is that error occurring? did it successfully add the wp8 platform (does it exist in {app}/cordova/platforms/wp8?)

    I am guessing you changed the properties file to build wp8, then ran 'sencha...
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    I am not sure what you mean by that, but the code snippets you posted are only informational. You should not be adding those yourself. If you re-read the documentation you posted from this link...
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    I believe he is using PhoneGap Build for cloud complication and is not building locally. In which case he will want to just edit his PhoneGap config.xml as he will not have android and ios projects...
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    No requirement needed you should be running PhoneGap 2.9 on build by default which should have support for those APIs out of the box. When you are developing locally you will not be able to access...
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    To use plugins you would just use the API that is provided so for example you will simply call FB.init({}) as we do not abstract any plugins. In order to make this work in a good development cycle I...
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