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  1. I received a reply from (Jonathan Strootman) in google plus:

    You can probably achieve this by overriding (via deferred binding) GridAppearance for whatever theme you're using.Let's assume you're...
  2. Hi. This is more a GWT question than GXT. check that, specially this part:Understanding the GWT CompilerYou may not be...
  3. Hi.

    I am searching for the piece of code (or where is the css style defined) used for creating the Grid horizontal lines.
    I would like to do it.

    For GXT 2, I used to do it like this:...
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    Unfortunatelly that is not an option for me. I really need the clear button, to have the same look and feel as we had when using gxt 2.
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    Have anyone implemented a comboBox wich show a clear button as well (twin trigger) in GXT 3?

    I've done this LONG ago, in GXT2...
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    My company currently uses gxt 2, and we would like to evaluate an upgrade to gxt 3 + gwt 2.7.
    I can see that the latest gxt is only available for support subscribers, as usual.
    The problem...
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    Hi.That is already the default behavior within grids in 2.2 as well!You are probably facing some other issues if your header is not locked...
  8. Yes. You will need a valid javascript regex.
  9. Hi. I'm not sure if they will do it on 3.x the same they did on 2.x.
    If so, then forget about it. The changes won't be available until they release another major change (probably 3.1.x). Only that...
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    You might want to try add a BeforeSelect event listener to the grid in your combobox:Fires before a row is selected. Listeners can cancel the action by calling setCancelled(true)

    Then, the...
  11. Hi. You might wanna try posting this in ext js forum instead (this one is for gxt)
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    Well, you can do it 2 ways:

    1 - Open the download url in a new Window, with
    2 - Set the url to a hidden iframe...
  13. Empty texts will not be displayed when using fields in grids.
    For displaying a text for your field empty value within grids, you need to use a grid renderer.
    Check for your empty/null value, and...
  14. hmm, can you please explain better your needs?

    You could add a Focus event listener to the components you need to know if they have focus...
    But it may be not what you need...
  15. There are so many ways of accomplishing this...
    It is kinda hard to answer which is the best way... it all depends on your needs.

    One simple way is to add a Load event listener to your store...
  16. Hi. Thanks for your reply. Unfortunatelly using a ComboBox with a button will not work for me. The reason is that I need the editors in grid. So I need the buttons to appear when in edit mode.

  17. Hi.

    I need to create a SimpleComboBox with a twin trigger (which clear its value), but I'm having troubles implementing it.

    This was implemented in gxt 2 as shown in this thread:...
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    And how about on Gxt 3?
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    Hello again everyone.

    I keep on preparing the migration to gxt 3, and now another question arose.

    Prior to gxt 3, I had a class extending TrigerField, and calling setTriggerStyle to change the...
  20. Tks for the reply, guys!
  21. Hi.

    I liked very much the new way gxt is handling models, using PropertyAccess and so on.

    But I have troubles identifying how to handle generic models...

    For example, imagine I read my data...
  22. Hi there.

    I'm finally beginning some tries on the new Gxt 3.

    In gxt 2, we could for example change a TextArea fontSize by calling the Component setStyleAttribute like this:
  23. Well, the question is more related to GWT itself.

    use Window.Location.getQueryString() and Window.Location.getHash()

  24. Hi.

    You may try setRegexText, if just using regex is fine for you.
    You can also create a Validator instance, and set if witht eh setValidator method.
  25. Hi.

    In your tree class, you can try to override the hasChildren method.
    That method will return true if the parent has children.

    If you want it to return true by any other means, override it...
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