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  1. if i set the fn of 'BeforeFilter' and click on it, this error occurs:
    Error: Uncaught TypeError: Object["action"] has no method 'map'


    => not able to save this project with this filter.
  2. Now i currently try to create a user extension for Sencha Architect, but i am stuck there, too.

    Creating user extension for Sencha Architect 3 with CMD 5 with datetimepicker example:...
  3. Hi,
    i currently try to create a user extension for Sencha Architect 3.0 using Sencha CMD 5.0 and this example:

  4. I figured out that the datepicker component was able to show hours and minutes in the text field, but wasn't able to set them via the picker.
    So if i picked a new date, any hours and minutes reset...
  5. Hi all,
    i got a date picker. Picking any date works well. Then i added a button, to additionally being able to add a day and an hour. They add a day or an hour as long as i didn't set a date via the...
  6. Hi all,
    SA version has some requests, which will alwasy fail.
    The server uses web api 2 and windows authentication (needs to have the negotiate scheme), and SA sends invalid requests:...
  7. Hi again,
    I changed my actions to more descriptive names. Now I get a different error (a code: Zero 7).
    To exclude any custom made error I created a new default template delivered by Sencha...
  8. Sure,
    because of the limited space for attachments I uploaded both to google drive:
    Sencha Architect 3:...
  9. How can I check that, because running it as a regular web app in my browser (chrome and ie) it works both correct and doesn't output any errors concerning javascript issues?
  10. Hi again,
    sorry for the very late response:
    I need to mention that i upgraded to the new Sencha Architect
    Build Android App settings:

    Application Name: STask
    Application ID:...
  11. Hi there,
    i got a simple task-list app.
    Each task has a target date (e.g. 2014-04-28T00:00:00 ).
    In my form i got a date picker as well as buttons to in-/decrement the date-value of the picker...
  12. Hi all,
    i currently try to build my first andoid app using SA3 and CMD4.

    Configurations are:
    App Summary:
    1) Android Level 15 (for Android 4.0)
    2) SDK-Path: "Path/to/Android/android-sdk"
  13. I have no clue how to debug properly.In my pullrefresh-plugin i simplyfied my code as much as possible:

    Ext.define('TaskList.override.plugin.PullRefresh', { override:...
  14. Hi,
    i got a simple list filled with json-data and using pull-refresh to get new values.
    within the plugin-extension i am not able to compare old with new values.

  15. Hi, it's me again, i am still not finished but with the help of mitchellsimoens some steps further:

    The customized pull-refresh-plugin, checks already if there are new entries entries....
  16. Is anyone able to give an example of a Sencha Touch List updating itself and/or by pullrefresh-plugin and animating the positioning of the records and popping up new ones?

    Using architect would...
  17. Hi again,
    now i am overwriting the "PullRefreshPlugin" with this code:

    Ext.define('TicketTracker.override.plugin.PullRefresh', {
    override: 'Ext.plugin.PullRefresh',
  18. Replies
    i got a list using Pullrefresh Plugin, but it only refreshes new added records.
    Updated and deleted records are not updated ( only json-data is loaded correctly but not snychronized to current...
  19. Hi guys,
    i am still on this problem, but now i got more information.
    I am using a simple list with the pullRefreshPlugin:

    items: [ {
    xtype: 'list',
  20. Hi,
    WebSQL is a good suggestion, but kind of being oversized for this request, i think.
    isn't it possible to reload teh record asynchronously without loading the complete page and using an...
  21. I don't have any idea how to use those offline technologies. Anyway offline-data seems to be oversized for just comparing new data values with previous loaded records, doesn't it?

    Does anyone have...
  22. Hey guys,
    i have a record and displayed by a list in Sencha Touch for example. I need to get the records which have been changed by another client. So new and changed records are loaded from...
  23. I am still working on this animation:
    First i set the item-Cls of my list to a class which sets the opacity to 0.
    Then i try to add a cls by using:
  24. hi mitchellsimoens,
    your suggestions sounds really great, but i don't know how to solve it technically:

    How do the application know which entries are new?
    ( new entries could appear among the...
  25. Hey guys,
    i used the ticket tracker demo and want to add some animations to the list.
    If there are new entries they should appear not as first entry, but at the correct position.
    ( the position is...
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