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  1. Hi,I have to create a component with different size(Height & Width)) of tiles like Windows 8 desktop & Metro UI. I tried with Table and Column layouts. If all tiles have same height then no issues....
  2. Hi, The drag and drop code working in 4.0.7.
    After I updated to 4.1 Drop is not working.
    Let me know Is there any fix for Drag and Drop in ExtJs4.1

  3. Hi,

    I got the same error in ExtJs4.1.
  4. Hi, I am using Extjs4.1. I am working on ExtjsMVC application. In my application so many views there. Here I need one thing. In MVC application, we are adding the entire view names in viewport. Is...
  5. Hi,
    I have one query with dataview.

    I have to unbind(disable) the 'itemclick' event to a dataview item which has a class 'x-item-disabled' in extjs4.
    In dataview tpl I am adding the...
  6. HI, I have to submit the form when user hit on enter key or submit button. Here how can I handle the enter key. For text fields 'specialkey' listener is working. For buttons its not working. Please...
  7. HI, I have to submit the form when user hit on enter key or submit button. Here how can I handle the enter key. For text fields 'specialkey' listener is working. For buttons its not working. Please...
  8. Here I am attaching the file. Please find the code. when the page has scroll then only i was facing this issue.

  9. In the chrome and safari i am getting. In Firefox and IE only i am getting an issue. When I click on combobox, the drop down shown some where at the bottom of the page. Not able to see the drop down....
  10. Hi, I am using row edit plugin for adding new rows and editing the row to a Grid in Ext Js. If we click on cancel button in row edit, the new row is adding. here my requirement is for cancel button,...
  11. Thanks for your reply. Here how to know the scrolling reached the page end. I tried to get the scroll position in data view.but it didn't work. Please let me know if u have any suggestions. Thanks...
  12. In sencha touch we have list pull refresh plugin for dataview. But in ExtJs I didn't find. For Grid Infinite Scrolling plugin is there. Is any one find any thing regarding ExtJs Data view(list) list...
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    I am looking for the same. but i didn't get it. can u please send the code for how to add a button in tabpanel. when clcik on the + icon button, it creates new tab panel. Thanks a lot.....:)
  14. Hi, I am working with extjs theming. Here I install the rubyinstaller-1.9.2-p290. then installed the gems haml, saa, compass in windows 7. Then I created the extjs project C:\Ruby192\bin\extjs with...
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    We need to display the charts with x-axis scaling and the graph is displayed with daily data as like below image.Now the monthly aggregation is coming. We don't need monthly aggregation. How to...
  16. Hi, I am using sencha touch ajax request. Here I used timeout. but its not working. Its never worked.
    url: url,
    method: type,
  17. Password field issue in android. To resolve this I added -webkit-backface-visibility: hidden;
    With this class duplicate password edit field is displaying. Is there any way to resolve...:-?
  18. Hi, maxLength is not working for number field in sencha forum. The maxValue is working. Is there any suggestion to add maxLength to the numberfield.
  19. Hi, Is there any way to Display the list in multiple columns. I tried with custom xtemplate with data view. Its working. When I used list, Its not working....please help.:s
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    Is there any way to add sencha touch check box in itemtpl
  22. Hi, Is there any way to display the list with sencha touch checkbox.
  23. Hi, I want dynamically hide/show the panel header and fotter with tap events to see the full content. I tried with panel.header.setDisplayed(true/false). Its not working.
  24. Hi, I am working with both proxy and ext.ajax.request types. Here i am not getting the result.
    In proxy it shows length is undefined.
    In ajax.request, it goes to failure directly.
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