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  1. Does this still work for anyone? It seems to have broken for me around Beta 3...
  2. I found the solution to my previous problem too: I set the parent of the list (the FormPanel) to scrollable: false

    Hope this helps someone :-)
  3. One thing I noticed is that when scrolling, my finger actually shifts the whole panel up or down. Basically, the bottom of the list is pushed up while I scroll up, and the top of the list is pushed...
  4. actually moving it into the launch function solved my problem. I never had to do this before in ST1, and it's kind of dirty -- now I'll have hundreds of lines of code in that one function.

    you can...
  5. I have a simple app with a list that used to scroll and behave great. But now after switching to ST2, the list doesn't scroll and its items are not selectable. Below is the relevant code. Any ideas?...
  6. My sencha support subscription expires today. I went in to check for answers to my questions.

    One ticket that I opened about a month ago was still open so I wanted to check for a response. But...
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