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  1. Thank you Jsassy
    I get the node from a call to findChild() but I don't think this makes any difference.
    As I said,
    node.set("checked", true); does check the node also for me. Just it does not...
  2. Thank you Nicholasnet.

    If I explcitily fire the event, the event will of course be fired, but I was looking for a method which would handle everything (i.e. emulate the user ticking a node in the...
  3. Hello

    I have a tree panel. I would like to programmatically select (check) some nodes. I manage to do so by :
    node.set("checked", true);
    However this does not seem to trigger the checkchange...
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    thanks for the update on the status of thoughts by the deftjs team. Because the constructor has not run at the time of injection, I would think it could be useful to pass the config to the...
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    deftjs brings IoC and Dependancy Injection into ExtJS (and Sencha Touch).
    I am starting investigating this.

    The dependancy can be resolved by a factory function. This function takes as an...
  6. Have a try with é and è
    (though I have noticed some weird behaviour sometimes, and I may post on it when I find time)
  7. Möhre,
    the Yii framework does look a good candidate.
    Thank you!
  8. Thanks Tobiu!

    silkjs does look very nice and very promising. I remember reading several posts from Mike Schwartz, mentioning it here in the Sencha forum; and I am sure he is doing an ...
  9. Dear all,

    I have been mostly focussing on client-side/javascript so far, and merely tweaking existing source code for the server-side. However, I am now at a point where I would like to build...
  10. Sencha also has a guide on unit testing (for ExtJS 4). It uses Jasmine.!/guide/testing
  11. Although I might end up with quite many files, I will follow your advice.
    Thank you
  12. Thanks for your replies.
    However, I am not defining methods; I do mean to create classes. So in my example above, ux.sin is not meant to be a method, but a true class, something I can instantiate...
  13. Hello,

    I am using Ext.require('ux.something') but ux/something.js is not creating an ux.something class, so Ext complains that the file has been loaded but the class has not been declared.
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    The file would still be loaded. But the class would be instantiated only when you explicitly create it.
    If you really want to load on-demand, you would have to play with the loader but I am not...
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    Salut Fab,

    Yes it is possible to create controllers on the fly. If I remember well, there is an example in the pandora tutorial/example. I think you'll find it in the "learn" section. Basically,...
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    Thank you, that was a quick answer!
    Of course what you are suggesting is a solution, but I would like to be a bit more specific and check what I did is the best way:
    I have defined a view giving no...
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    The store configuration is a required config of Treepanels. So my question is very simple: doesn't it break the MVC concept, and more importantly, what would be the recommended way for...
  18. Hello,

    I have already posted the same remark here.
    However, when looking at the locale files in the latest ExtJS release (4.1.0-B2) it seems this has been corrected:

  19. Thank you HTK for the suggestion, but I don't want to require Ext.picker.Date because my app does not use this class. Besides, it is not forward compatible (because I don't know which classes will be...
  20. Hello,
    I am curious: any reason why registerPreprocessor has become private in 4.1 (while it was not in 4.0)?
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    Actually, even worse than dead code of type #2 is the fact that some classes are included in all-classes.js, which are not needed at all. I might have been a bit exagerating about the figure of 50%,...
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    Thank you dj,
    that was exactly the type of feedback I was looking for (and what you are saying is what I was expecting I have to say).
    I was thinking of something to help remove dead code of type...
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    although at the beginning I've been tearing my hair out trying to have the building process work (lack of helpful error messages when things are wrong!!!), now I generally manage to build my...
  24. Thanks Stever,
    that was a good suggestion, but is not the source of my problem...
    In the end, I have added the missing file manually in all-classes. And it works
    But I am still wondering what was...
  25. Hi,

    Here is an excerpt of my generated jsb3 file:

    "path": "../../resources/js/Lp/extux/",
    "name": "Colorfield.js"
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