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  1. I have tried this before. Changing the bg style of the index.html file doesn't solve the problem, since the style is applied to the index.html, which loads after the white screen.
  2. At Startup i always get a white screen for a few seconds, then the first view appears on the screen.
    Loding indicators are not displayed, even tough i changed this behavior by wrapping the loading...
  3. I had the same problem with the old SDK Tools.
    Try using the latest SDK tools and use the "sencha app build native" for native packaging, you will need to generate a new project with "sencha app...
  4. You would normally style your App using the app.scss file in ./resources/sass/app.scss and compile this file with compass. This will update the css file. You may also have a look at the "Theming"...
  5. When I set up a native Adroid app with Sencha Touch 2, I get a blank white screen on the device before the index.html is displayed and no splash Image. I used the SDK Tools to create the app and...
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