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    Just updated to Firefox stable 31.0 And Firebug 2.0.2 - works great, bug seems to be fixed
  2. Hi,
    component is great except using ID for buttons, etc - with common names like 'button_browse' - thas makes it useless with other "not-so-decoupled" components. Hope you'll fix it in future version
  3. How to do it?
  4. Ooops... preparing test case with full example i've found the reason. I still wonder how it works with prev version, but now it seems evrth is OK.
    BTW, is there a way to reset all filters...
  5. var colmodUsers = new Ext.grid.ColumnModel({
    defaults: {
    sortable: true,
    filter: {
    fieldEvents: 'specialkey',
  6. FF 3.6.13, Ext 3.3.1
    when dynamically create window with grid inside, throws:
    col.filter.getField is not a function
    Line 207
  7. Excellent! Thanks for "found time")
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    And one more question: what is the purpose of overriding trackMouse: true in tooltip config, ignoring if tipConfig in plugin instance has different value?
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    Exactly what I was need. Thanks
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    What i would suggest is to allow using function for sending data to template instead of record data. I mean that not all data stored in record which i need to use in tooltip. Now this function is...
  11. Ext.ux.grid.FilterRow not working, but with 3.2.2 everything was ok
    Now in handler OnColumnMove it throws col.filter.getField is not a function on line
    var editor = col.filter.getField();
  12. When store contains thousands of records (it has no ui, but for internal data handling and amount can't be reduced) is it noticible performance improvements in using ArrayStore instead of JsonStore?...
  13. Hi! Is it possible to toggle filterrow on and off after grid is rendered?
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    Поддерживаю. Только не говорите, что человек способный хоть что то написать на ext не может прочитать API или задать вопрос на английском - лексика до неприличия проста
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