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  1. I have found this which looks somewhat helpful (so far), though I still maintain that something as big as a change from MVC to MVVM warrants a bit of a guide to help hasten the process of figuring it...
  2. No need. I solved my problem by adding this to my proxy:

    writer: {
    type: 'json',
    writeAllFields: true

    I now don't care that it can't detect the ID because I'm sending back the...
  3. I started working with Ext JS 5 this week (after using 4 for three years). I never liked controllers in 4 so I never used them. Some sort of guide on how to wire up a simple model to a basic view in...
  4. Why, thank you! I had no idea there was documentation for Ext JS 5.

    Clearly not the answer I was hoping for. You needn't have bothered replying!
  5. Is there a Sencha Architect 3.1 guide on how best to use the new ViewModel and ViewController?


    I've flicked through this guide but it doesn't seem to have anything; its section on Stores...
  6. Build includes .arch-internal-preview.css in the output directory, which seems redundant. It's probably OK on Linux/Mac because it'll be ignored but on Windows it shows up and is included when I copy...
  7. I have the same problem, though my model has no field named "id" as such. I've set my actual identifier field as the idProperty (as well as trying "id" for good measure) and I still get this problem
  8. I'm getting the same thing with 5.0.1, though I can wait for the fix. A lack of deselection isn't a big problem for me (yet).
  9. The only things I've ever moved have been things to/from the resources folder (like my own style sheets, images, and javascript files).
  10. In a brand-new project the problem does not exist, but I can't start afresh every time because there is so much I've built into my template that it'll take days to recreate it. There is something in...
  11. I'm also using Windows 8.1. I don't think I've ever used a workspace so I'd guess my project is standalone (you should be able to figure it out from the attached ZIP file).
  12. Here are my version details:

    Sencha Architect

  13. It is set to: $button-default-base-color
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    Yes, it matches SA 3.1's Help > About:

    U:\>sencha which
    Picked up _JAVA_OPTIONS: -Xmx1024M
    Sencha Cmd v5.0.2.270
  15. I neglected to mention that I also use Sencha Architect (currently 3.0.4, because 3.1 is causing me quite a lot of grief at the moment). I deliberately didn't mention it because bringing up this fact...
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    Despite my better judgement, I am trying to persist with Sencha Architect 3.1 and Ext JS 5.0.1, and now I get "Cmd failed to initialize" errors when trying to enable the build tools. The other error...
  17. I noticed that the colours for the theme buttons in Sencha Architect 3.1 don't show up properly, and after a build, they're similarly wrong, too.



    Pink is not my...
  18. I'm getting the same error. I created a copy of a project (made with SA 3.0.4) in a new folder and opened it using SA 3.1, which upgraded it. I then went to build it and got the error. My old...
  19. Is there a way to include a theme in an Ext JS 4 or 5 build that has already been sliced/built? I want to configure a theme and build it to the point where I'm happy with it, and just have Cmd...
  20. That sounds awful, and means my Ext JS 4 apps will forever remain thus. I'm not copying things one-by-one into a new project.
  21. I made the change to my app.json file as per your solution and clicked the "Build" button in Sencha Architect 3.1 (which is using Cmd version and the "Building..." window showed for 5...
  22. I built my first Ext JS 5 test project in Sencha Architect 3.1 today and got quite a fright when I saw what it does in the build process nowadays. It gave me a 15 KB index.html file which included a...
  23. This morning the gods have smiled upon me and a fresh Ext JS 5 blank project builds OK. I don't recall doing anything differently. I still have a support ticket open in relation to frameworks in SA...
  24. I don't know why anyone would ever need to drop to a command line to generate an app/workspace/whatever when using Sencha Architect. I've always just created a new project, enabled the build tools,...
  25. Thanks. I've never noticed that before. I rarely start a new/blank project, and I normally start with my own project template, but this time just selected Blank and clicked the Create button.
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