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  1. Hi Roland,

    Back to basics, I want to render associated Data (only BelongsTo) so initial I used get[Model]() method of store in its datachanged event and override the values but it seems not...
  2. Hello Roland,

    Your solution worked well.

    Thanks for quick response.

    Best Regards
  3. Hi.

    I have a CakePHP Model with many associations (hasMany and belongTo both). When I see store in firebug, it shows only hasmany associations not belongTo.

    Can u please help to resolve this...
  4. Thanks for quick response Roland,

    It is quite helpful.
  5. Can anyone tell me why Date is not in 'Created' Field in CRUD Example given on Bancha Official Website.

    Even I am not able to configure in my localhost also.

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