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    I am having trouble styling chart tooltips. The first tooltip that says "Help" is the standard non-chart tooltip, styled with the x-tip style. The second is the tooltip that appears when you...
  2. I would like to change the tick marks to be between the columns instead of under them, as is typical for histogram charts. See the chart below. I would like the first x-axis label "1" to be before...
  3. Has anyone figured out a way to pattern fill slices in a pie chart or bars in a bar chart? For those that are color blind, different colors for pie slices may not be detectable.
  4. I am using VTypes for validation of form date and number fields, which works great. I have a "clear" button on my form which clears all form variables and settings. If an invalid entry is entered...
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    I am using extJS 3.2.1 and ext4 sandbox mode to draw charts. The charts look great on screen, but I am trying to figure out how to write a chart image to disk. I need to be able to add a chart...
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    I am having issues with display of trigger fields. In firefox, arrow extends below the text box:

    Same thing in IE8, with additional issue of thicker border and no bottom line:
  7. I have a top toolbar and bottom toolbar, each consisting of one or more toolbars, and a bunch of form items in a FormPanel. The FormPanel is in a region of a viewport. The entire form panel scrolls...
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    Found a way to do this that is surprisingly simple. I replaced the button code in the first post with this, adding "html:"

    html: "<a href='#'...
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    As I mentioned above, I am using a lot of the button functionality such as toggle, pressed, etc, which is not available with links. The button functionality works great, so I want to keep these as...
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    I have several buttons on my form that I want to look like links, not buttons. I am using button functionality such as toggle, pressed, etc, which works great, so I want to keep these as buttons. I...
  11. Thanks, that worked!
  12. I need to either set, or get the auto-generated id for the form object inside of a FormPanel. When I set an id on FormPanel, this id is acutally set on a div, and not on the form. The id "adhocForm"...
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