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  1. Any workaround for now?
  2. Ext JS 4.2.2
  3. See the following code. If I use uuid as the idgen, and insert a node into the tree, then store.getById(thatuuid) returns undefined.

    This is a pretty serious bug. What is the workaround?

  4. Any workarounds for now?
  5. Is it usable in Ext 4.2.2?
  6. Have the same problem!
  7. I don't understand what you are saying. I will restate the problem. The Grid is in the main page, not the popup. The popup is some other panel (e.g. a Form). When the form is 'canceled' why can't the...
  8. I have a grid and have defined keyboard shortcuts. The problem is that if something pops up and I close it, the grid loses focus. For example, let's say that I click on a menu item in the grid that...
  9. I have a buffered store in a grid and has lot of data (1000 records). I want to provide a "New Record" button that will add a row at the end of the grid and start the edit. However, I don't see the...
  10. I have a button class that extends the default button class. If this happens then the minButtonWidth is not obeyed.
  11. There is another bug. The minButtonWidth is not obeyed. The buttons now become very small.
  12. I can confirm it works after I extended the button class.
  13. I have a simple button with both: a click event handler and a handler. Even if I return false from the click event handler, the button's handler is still called. This is incorrect as per...
  14. Happens on Chrome 26 (Win7 and Linux) and IE9. Does not happen in Firefox. Not checked in other browsers.

    To reproduce:

    Scroll down all the way to the bottom
    Click on Company #30
    You will...
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    I display a tree. It's a big one with 5000 nodes and about 12 columns. From time to time the tree needs to be refreshed. The server sends a json array of records that changed. This list contains new...
  16. Thanks Sunaku! Appreciate it very much.=D>
  17. is this going to be fixed in 4.1.X or at least 4.2.0?
  18. This a possible solution I received from Mats @ Bryntum

    I haven't tried it yet but just a note for your developers.
  19. In a treepanel enable treeviewdragdrop plugin and set selection model to multi. Now select 3 consecutive rows. Let's call them A, B and C. Now click on 'A' again. B and C should be deselected....
  20. The status message is misleading. Please correct it.
  21. When you set hideGroupedHeader to true and enableGroupingMenu to false in ftype grouping, you get a javascript error.

    Reproducing it is simple. Go to the examples/grid directory. Open...
  22. Happens in 4.1.3. Used to work in 4.1.2.

    Create a simple grid and add ftype grouping with enableGroupingMenu is false and hideGroupHeader is true. You will get an error while rendering: Cannot...
  23. [EXTJS 4.1.3]

    This happens only in IE9, not chrome and Firefox. The scenario is this:

    A form which only has a file upload element is submitted
    Server returns a HTTP 500 error with content...

    Ext version tested:
    Ext 4.1.2

    Browser versions tested against:
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    What about problem #1? Why is my editor being clipped at the bottom?
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