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    I downloaded 2.4.0 from my account area
    Sencha Touch Bundle Standard Support1 Developer PackExpires on June 25, 2015

    and it's chart folder is empty ! :(

    Will the chart folder from 2.3.2...
  2. Using Sencha CMD 4.0.0. (Previous version of CMD gave me the same result)
    Using ST 2.2.1
    Firstly - how do I fix this issue..?
    log4j:WARN No appenders could be found for logger...
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    OK, thanks Vadim

    for dummies like me...

    adding this to the bottom of app.scss did the trick.

    .x-button-icon {
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    What is not working for me however is the sizing of these icons...
    or, being able to center the icon in the bottom toolbar buttons

    Help please:

    On icomoon you can change
    Em Square Height |...
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    Thanks for this help vadimv
    ... but to expand on it a bit for dummies like me ...

    Here's how it worked for me..
    a) I chose a number of icons from the...
  6. Mitchell.

    Apologies for posting it as a bug... I fully understand that we should have moved to ST2 but that is a huge job with the amount of code in this project.

    I was really asking if...
  7. The Sony Experia uses the Chrome for Android browser, which has issues with scrolling.
    There has been a workaround posted for ST 2.1

    We need one for ST 1.1 - as we have clients with these devices...
  8. Hi Jamie,

    Are you able to provide me with a similar workaround (override) for ST1.1

    We have a mountain (over 40 man months) of code in ST 1 and are still figuring out our strategy for moving...
  9. Using numeric spinner field to allow users to choose their own resolution
    I gave them a range of 100% - 280% (needed 280% for new Sony hi-res screeens)

    This is Sencha Touch 1.1.1 code but it...
  10. Hi linuxyf...
    I am in the finishing stages of adapting one of our sencha-phonegap apps for use on vehicle mounted Windows 7 touch screen rugged tablets... and need exactly the same thing .. i.e. a...
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    You guys might have fixed this already, maybe not

    When you send a function that returns a string to whereClause, the code we downloaded was adding a 'null' to the end of the WHERE clause.

  12. Thanks hotdp

    With around 24 man months of coding in 1 app all in ST 1.1.1 ... it is not a simple matter to jump to ST2 !
    ... just to get a problem like this fixed! Thanks for persevering.
  13. Mitchell... For what it's worth...
    By commenting out this little bit of code in sencha-touch-debug.js
    ... around line 26308
    the problem goes away

    for (attrName in attribs) { ...
  14. Thank you!

    Any clues on an override or fix for it?
    I have managed a workaround for everything except for the grid editor

    Please Note: My workaround was not actually a fix for this problem......
  15. mmm....

    We _are_ using Phonegap (2.1.0)... and it was working fine prior to iOS 6.0
    Both iPhones & iPads are affected.

    ... And we have discovered this afternoon that Chrome (Version...
  16. We discovered today that using iOS 6.0 on both an iPhone & an iPad tapping the keyboard on a Prompt field in a message box does nothing! No text is being typed into the prompt !!

    Wonder if there's...
  17. Certainly fixed in Phonegap (now Cordova 2.1.0)
    It was fixed back around 1.6.0 - 1.7.0
  18. Hi All
    Just wanted to report that the solution I provided above is no longer working for me either !!!
  19. Fantastic !! - Just what I was looking for . Still works today .
  20. I am getting this issue also.
    Sony Tablet S. Just upgraded to Android 4.0.3
    Sencha Touch 1.1.1, Cordova 1.8.0

    a textarea or textfiled or numberfield ... retains focus and sticks! still there...
  21. You are a saviour!
    This issue has been troubling me for months. Have just submitted a ST1 job to iTunes that has taken us about 40 man months & this issue was the one thing that was still troubling...
  22. "...the app would have to reload before all changed would take affect?"

    I initially thought the same ...

    but, it seems to work fine without doing too much.
    We destroy all panels either on...
  23. Yeah... The missing bit
    I found this in an old C Textbook... adapted it a little for js

    function findIndexByKeyValue(obj, key, value) {
    if (value) {
    var low, high, mid;
  24. FWIW ... to achieve this goal, we are using a program called Sisulizer to extract all the required strings out of our Sencha JS code into a Sisulizer project. Get our translations done, then from...
  25. Yes Edwin,
    Use Stuffy to load up your tables
    Then load the data from the SQLite tables into the Sencha Store... for this step we're using tomalex's system (usually)
    Something like ... (See...
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