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  1. Wow, I feel stupid that I didnt think of that ...

    Thanx, for your great reply ...
  2. Hello,

    Im very new to MVC. I would like to code a controller to display a list when it receives a successful login from the ajax response. How would I set up the controller to execute a function...
  3. Thank You Very Much for your reply. It is VERY appreciated...
  4. Hello,

    Im a buyer of "ExtJS In Action ver 4.0". Im trying to learn EXTJS and MVC. I have a question about the store (json) writer.

    If I have a grid that has dirty records (creates, updates,...
  5. Ok, I see what you mean. In stead of applying at the button level you apply it at panel level to save memory.

    Thank You Miami Coder, I visit your website frequently. You have very good examples...
  6. What does the "delegate" config option do?

    For example, in the Sencha Touch in action book there is an example:

    listeners: {
    select: {
    fn: "onListSelect",
  7. Wow, works great. Thanx Guys ...
  8. Hello,

    Im new to Sencha MVC. Im using a multi select itemdisclosure. How do I determine which items have been selected?

    Im sure that the Ext.each is involved somehow.

    Thank You
  9. Wow, coolBeans ...This is EXACTLY what I was looking for.

    I googled for days and could find anything. It was always selecting from a list then populating a form and not the other way around.
  10. Hello,

    Im new to MVC. Im wanting to display a list after pressing a login button on my login screen. But I dont know how to code this in my controller.

    Does anyone have a an example of how to...
  11. Thank You
  12. Im using a list with an href

    itemTpl : '{scitem}, <b>{scdesc}</b>, <b>{scitpr}</b>, {scittx}, {scitsh}, <a href="ipal02r.pgm">Add to shopping cart</a>',

    Is there a way using the standard...
  13. Hello,

    Im looking to style links as buttons. Is there a standard sencha css class that will allow me to do that? Im using 2.3

    Thank You ...
  14. What is the alias: ['widget.coolpanel'],

    dont understand what the "widget" is. It's not used anywhere
  15. Newbie to 2.2 and the new class system

    What is the purpose of the alias config option. I dont understand it's purpose.

    In the book Sencha Touch In Action in the store definition it has
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    ALLRIGHT !!! You da Man ...

    Thanx man, your help has been invaluable.
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    How would I do the following header with ajax?

    -H "Accept: application/json"
    -H "Accept-Language: en_US"

    I sincerely want to thank you for your help. It has been VERY valuable.
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    Sorry to getting back so late.

    The script is built via a CGI template approach. I load the userid and password from a data base.

    I dont have a script file that I am sending to the server. I use...
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    Can I use the post method to hide the userid and password?

    It's over an SSL conection.
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    Im trying to use Sencha to access Paypal to get a request token. But, so far, Im just getting errors.

    How would I translate the following into a sencha jsonp ajax request.

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    Shout out to Jesus and Mitch

    Got your new book. It's great. Just what I was looking for.

    Keep up the good work
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    Remember this,

    When does it ship? Should I cancel my order?
  23. Ok, I'll check it out. Thank Yall.

    Im setting up a slideshow. Ive got the effects part done, just didnt know how to get them.

    You guys are good.
  24. Hello,

    Im wondering if I can ajax all of the images in a folder and then store them in a store?

    If this is possible does any one have any examples?

    Thank You
  25. Ok, I detest windows8 anyway.

    Everything else worked ok, just the carousel swipe. I was able to press the carousel ?icons? at the bottom and they worked.

    Any word on the book?
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