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  1. Hi... any more news on this? Did you find a solution?
  2. Did you find a fix to this? I am having a similar issue. view is defined, but views is not.
  3. I think this is a bad bug. I have a similar problem in that the change event is fired for all fields when using loadRecord. Anyone have any answers?
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    This is working for me, but there should definitely be standard methods for this.
  5. I apologize. "BUMP" is just a frustrated way of saying that I am having the same problem and need an answer too.
  6. I can just check to see if oldValue is undefined. Doesn't feel right.
  7. Having the same problem. Did you figure this out? Is there a way to detect if the event was really user initiated?
  8. BUMP
  9. I have used Ext.util.Format in charts and grids, but don't see an easy built in way to handle formatting with fields. Could you provide an example? Thanks...
  10. Any news here? I really need to pass extraParams for operations other than read. Help!
  11. Any news? I too am having issues with direct stores and mvc.
  12. Has this been confirmed as a bug? I'm having the same issue. Is there an issue with Loader and StoreManager? My code was working in beta 3 and does not work in 4.0.
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    Bump++ Must Have.
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    Would you mind sharing your solution? New to SASS. Thanks.
  16. Same problem here. Is this filed as a bug?
  17. Ext.Direct is great and would make porting existing apps using it to touch platforms so much easier. Any news?
  18. Oops ... found it .... guess its really tiny ..
  19. Just looking for the solution to this [SOLVED] topic. Thanks.
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    I guess I'm not the only one that needs this then :). I look forward to checking out your implementation.
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    Just started work on a stack for 4th Dimension (4D). Its on Google Code:
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