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  1. Thanks to everyone for the useful information. Sencha forums are the best forums I have ever seen to find information and appreciate all the folks who spend their time to help others.

    we were in...
  2. Hi

    We are developing an extjs 4 web application for desktop which mainly contains charts and a simple form. Our client had asked us to analyse if this renders properly without a separate IPAD2...
  3. thanks very much for the quick reply and for valuable suggestions...I will post this to general forum next time onwards with proper indent..

    Yes we are implementing in EXT JS 4.0.7.

    This is...
  4. Hello

    I am new to ext js 4..I appreciate in advance if you can help me with this..

    a) i have a form with few buttons at the top, then a card layout (chart and grid) and few form fields (radio...
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