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  1. I'm currently using ExtJS 3.4.0 and have a custom component that was created that extends Ext.Toolbar. There is a good bit of custom logic added and I would like to re-use that component for a new...
  2. After much digging I've found the root cause of the problem is due to if an object is not created in the same window and you try to use Ext.type or Ext.isFunction it will always return object. I've...
  3. I have an object that I have created, below is a skeleton of what it looks like. It has basic properties and such and also has some functions that perform certain operations, i.e. validate method...
  4. I'm having this same problem, were you able to figure it out?
  5. Was able to resolve the problem by adding the property and folderSort config options to my treeSorter. However, my property was an integer and apparently treeSorter expects a string so I had to go...
  6. Found reference to this at the link below
  7. Can someone tell me if something has changed with the "sortType" for an Ext.tree.TreeSorter with ExtJs 3.3.0? Below is my code I had that worked fine prior to updating to v3.3.0 but now it doesn't...
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    Is there a way to force a component to do an autoLoad or any other recommendations?

    I have an accordion layout and I have within the items config the accordion panels. I'm using autoLoad so that...
  9. I'm experiencing the same problem as described by senacle, has anyone found a solution for this? Thanks.
  10. I am trying to create a data store and also a grid where the fields/columns need to be dynamic. This is because it will change depending upon what's selected so the fields/columns will not be the...
  11. I guess this means a re-write for me :(. Are any of the document objects available (i.e. document.getElementById)? I'll continue to search the API docs for an example. Thanks for the quick response.
  12. I am using an Ext.Window to open an aspx page that was previously opened as a popup window. I'm doing this using the autoLoad config and specifying the url.

    A problem i'm running into is that...
  13. Got it, thanks again for the help
  14. Two questions:

    1. Is there a way to hide the DataTip when performing a drag and drop? Using the code you posted the tip shows up great but it continues to show as i drag the item. As I pass over...
  15. Thanks for the help, great code.
  16. Can anyone give me some insight on this one? I've searched the forums and haven't found an answer that works for me. Any insight is greatly appreciated.

    I am working with two Ext.TreePanel, when...
  17. Has anyone found an answer to this one? Is it possible to have two checkboxes? I need to have a tree where the nodes have two checkboxes. One checkbox represents add the node to a list that will be...
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    I was able to solve this one myself doing some simple math. I found the solution to this to be to take the most zoomed in value and substract it from the most zoomed out value and then divide by a...
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    I have extended the Ext.Slider component and created my own component. I have vertical set to true. I am using the slider to zoom in/out on a map. The veritcal from how I have it set up has min at...
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    Thanks for your help, that gets me exactly what I needed. :D
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    Can someone tell me how I can change the cls of a component after it has been rendered? I am extending a BoxComponent and rendering to a div. The css I apply to it is an inactive image and does have...
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