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  1. Not possible?
  2. Bump.
  3. I haven't found documentation that helps me with this. I have a SimpleComboBox which is used as an editor for a property; I want the combo to show even if the property contains no value. Right now...
  4. Ah indeed this was the problem -- thanks.

    Am I missing documentation that describes this? I see now that the Javadoc alludes to it, but it was easy to miss.
  5. Setup. Note that an existing "mapping" is added to the store, and four options are added to the combo. When I click the combo on the record with the existing "mapping" only that one value ("likely...
  6. Bump
  7. I have a Grid inside a ContentPanel. I want the ContentPanel to expand in height to a certain point before forcing the Grid to scroll; if I set the height of the ContentPanel, it will render at that...
  8. I've made a grid with a single column containing a string, having based my code on For some reason the model objects are never updated...
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