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  1. This override seems to patch the stopSelection bug in 4.2.0.

    * @class Watertrac.overrides.grid.column.Action
    * @override Ext.grid.column.Action
  2. Overriding the Ext.AbstractComponent's onBoxReady method, I set a custom data attribute (whose name comes from the custom testIdAttr property of each component) to the component's itemId value, if it...
  3. I thought I was encountering the same issue in 4.2.0, but inspecting the code shows that this has been resolved:

    me.snapshot = me.snapshot ||;

    // Filter the unfiltered...
  4. Here is my view:

    Ext.define("WP.view.bol.GridFilterPanel", { extend: "Ext.grid.Panel",
    alias: "widget.gridfilterpanel",

    requires: ["WP.model.Filter"],
  5. My panel header contains a "search" tool which is visible when the panel is expanded. When I collapse the panel, the "search" tool is hidden and only the "collapse" tool remains visible. I'd like to...
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