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  1. Please, close the thread.After some code cleanup and refactoring I tried to override ghost() method again:
    /** * @inheritdoc */ ghost: function(cls) { return this; },And it...
  2. ExtJS version is 5.0.1255.
  3. slemmon, I have very slow Internet now, and it's difficult to provide an example.After 7th September, I'll be back and try to write it. But where should I write fiddle what uses an ext-charts package...
  4. I used a new sencha-charts package, and noticed that Ext.draw.Container ghost panel appeared while dragging. Ext.draw.Component from old ext-charts shows all content while dragging. How can I switch...
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    Does the ExtJS 5.0.1 GA supports IE8 VML-engine for charts drawing?
    In beta, it was broken.

    When i moved to 5.0.1, it was still not working. Only IE9+ now.
    I used the ext-charts package.
    Do I...
  6. Fourth.
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    Is it available in public access?
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    I agree with Hanterdro. Why can't we import scalable vector graphics? It's just a xml with layers and paths.
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    Seems that it's not SSL issue, just that site requires imlpementation of websockets on client-side. I've found working example here:...
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    I've getting an error:

    [E] Ext.ux.WebSocket.constructor(): (No description provided)
    When connecting to
    Native nodejs connects well.

    Does it...
  11. I've read latest Release Notes for Sencha Cmd, seems similar bug is fixed:

    Package (1)
    SDKTOOLS-634 sencha package build runs theme capture / slice phase for non-theme packages causing...
  12. I have same issue when assigning new server id to record after edit.Server response is valid json like that:
    { "success": "true", "values": [{ "id": 123, "values": [2,3,4,5], ...
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    4th ext core, ext.js in the extjs 4.2.1 bundle is still broken, so i need to use ext-debug.js in order to get core functionality. I can minify ext-debug by himself, but it means no CDN.The code which...
  14. Yes. But there is no difference. In the case described above I've got a build-time message:
    [INF] Slicing complete - generated 241 images
    When adding a manifest in \sass\example\custom.js and...
  15. I think it's better to move that report to Cmd sub-forum
  16. Cmd version tested:

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.2.2 rev 1144
    Browser versions tested against:
  17. Seems that IE Slicer doesn't generate images properly.
    I tried to add in {appFolder}/sass/example/custom.js:

    xtype: 'widget.panel',
    ui :...
  18. Seems that helps, thanks. Our senior developer says he followed all those steps, but with a bit more little changes.
  19. Slemmon, help me understand the 2nd way, please.
  20. * $ui-label - you're right, we're using 4.2.1 and latest 4.2.2 docs.

    > What do you have as your appFolder for this application? By default it would be 'app'.
    entry point js included in html:...
  21. > What if you change $ui-label: 'myprettyui-framed' to $ui: 'myprettyui-framed' ?

    Why? An example here:!/guide/theming used $ui-label.
    Ok, I changed it, runs...
  22. Hello, ludoo, can you import and use default sass mixins in your Viewport.scss?
    Please, take a look to my question:...
  23. Hello.
    Official theming guide explains how-to build custom application theme based on default one.

    But the one reason for custom theme is overriding default Ext-components look and feel.
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